OOC - Momentum

I am on the verge of making a decision and would like to take a straw poll to see what you all think. One of the key success factors of games of OW is momentum, gathering a steady rate of posts and keeping that rate up over time for a consistent experience. Now when I say momentum I do not mean speed, I am not talking about having to have a constant flow of posts every day. That would be impossible with a long format game.

What I am considering is changing the length of a round from two weeks to one. At the end of the day if people can not post and miss a round they do not fall behind as each round is a fresh start and those who post early do not have to wait an entire two weeks before they can post again. Honestly when setting this project up I did not expect the response I got and now it is running I am thinking it might benefit from that faster turn around.

I want to hear back from as many of you as possible to make this fair so I will not make a decision until the end of the weekend to give everyone a chance to throw in their thoughts. I do want to hear from people who have not posted yet as they change is going to have the biggest impact on the slower posters and I dont want you feeling unloved. I did after all advertise this as a casual experience and I do not want to lose that element. It basically means that if you are a casual poster you may miss the odd round so the question is are you cool with that?


13 Writer guys that is so cool!!

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