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OOC - The Mystery Man and the Caravan

(Originally posted on February 3rd 2019)

The day had started off as unremarkable as any for Rin. She had woken up at dawn in the hovel that she had rented in the slums of Kwachow, walked a mile to the dirty river that flowed through the town and cleaned herself as best she could. She then returned to her hovel and changed into her "professional" attire before wandering toward the town square to try to drum up some business. Rin was a spirit medium (of sorts) who could "see" the spirits of the departed and help the living deal with those spirits... kind of.

I truth, Rin was not able to see spirits, rather, she was only able to see people's memories of the departed. However, that was usually all the information she needed to put up a convincing enough act that could make people believe that she could see spirits. The truth of the matter was, people that came to see spirit mediums pretty much always had an idea of what it was they wanted to hear from a spirit, so all Rin had to do was identify what it was clients wanted to hear and say it in a way that sounded as if the spirit was saying it. Rin's skills with psychic magic made this quite doable, so much so that she was usually more popular than necromancers and other people that could actually communicate with spirits. Some people... okay maybe a lot of people, would argue that pretending to see spirits and talk for them made her a fraud, but Rin believed that she was providing people the consolation and peace they desired, and that was all that was really important.

Once dressed in her spirit medium attire, which consisted of faded pastel green blouse, a blue and purple skirt, a vibrant feathered necklace, and beaded armbands, Rin skipped off to the marketplace to drum up some business. Having concluded business profitably with her previous client the day before, Rin had no other appointments lined up for today. The freedom of that was nice, but the lack of income dampened her mood a bit. She had enough money to buy some meals and pay her rent, but after that, she'd be struggling to scrounge up enough coin to stay afloat next month. Rin had gotten used to eeking out a living on the bottom rungs of society, but she often found herself wishing for more.

In the marketplace, Rin chatted with the merchants and past acquaintances in an attempt to try to find someone who might be interested in her services. By noon, she had picked up a few leads for potential business but sadly had not acquired any actual customers. After grabbing a quick bite to eat, she began to head out of the marketplace to follow one of her leads when she spotted him.

Rin wasn't exactly sure who he was, all she knew was that she had seen him in her most recent vision, the one with the great purple dragon...

Rin had been seeing visions of the future since her childhood. To her knowledge, she had no control over when the visions would occur, and the visions always featured her in an emotionally charged state. To date, every one of her visions had transpired exactly as she had seen it. Eventually, after her attempt to avoid one of her more terrible visions from transpiring ended up causing it to occur, Rin came to accept that her visions were fated to happen.

Therefore, when Rin saw this unknown man and recognized him from her vision, she knew that their fates were intertwined. With little hesitation, she decided to change her plan for the moment to see what the man was up to and learn why he would be next to her when they stood before the dragon.

Rin followed the man from a distance to try to limit the likelihood of him noticing her and becoming suspicious. She doubted he'd understand or appreciate her reasons for stalking him, and she was struggling to think up another plausible excuse she could use explain her actions.

Fortunately, it didn't come down to that, for the man's trek soon took him (and by extension, Rin) to a caravan on the outskirts of the merchant district. Assuming this was his destination, Rin found a nearby vendor's stall that was within earshot of the caravan and she pretended to peruse some wares while listening in on the conversation the man was having with a guy who called himself Haldemar. From what she picked up, it sounded like the caravan was heading out for distant lands and was seeking guards and other staff to support and protect the goods inside. As she was listening to the conversation, Rin realized that she was destined to accompany this caravan on their imminent journey and that this journey would likely lead her to the dragon. This was why she had seen the man in her vision and why her business was so slow at the moment. Now was the time for her to leave Kwachow behind and move onto the next place, wherever that would be.

"Are you gonna buy something miss, or you just gonna keep staring at my vase like it's a magnificent sculpture?" the shopkeeper asked, bringing Rin's attention back to the present.

"I, um... that sculpture, er, the vase is very pretty," Rin mumbled. She hadn't even realized she'd been looking in the direction of the vase in question, and definitely had not been admiring it.

"You gonna buy it?" the shopkeeper pressed.

"Er, sure, how much?" Rin sighed, continuing the conversation for the sake of disguise over any intention of buying something she didn't need.

"Ninety-nine silver."

"I can't come close to affording that," Rin replied.

"I figured," the shopkeeper replied. "Is there something else I can interest you in?"

Rin scanned the other wares, then answered, "No, I don't think so. Good day to you." She was done here, and she knew what her next step was. Now all she needed to do was convince the caravan master to let her come along for the ride...

(OOC - this is the last of these character intro's I'll post. Thank you for bearing with me.)

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