The Story Forge: Reforged!

Hello everyone! Welcome to THE STORY FORGE: REFORGED!

With this, I want to officially open the new short story competition, which I will be supervising! The rules are in the game description, but I will post them again here for convenience.

- The Judge sets a deadline for the current round to end, a minimum of 2 weeks, a maximum of 4
- The Judge sets a title for the round and a writing prompt, a single-line outline or starting point for a story the participants must use in their entry
- Any submitted story must fit in a single post! There is no minimum length, unless the Judge explicitly sets one.
- Any post submitted after the deadline ends will not be eligible to win the round!
- The Judge picks the winner, who will receive a shiny new Ongoing Worlds trophy!
- The winner becomes the Judge for the next round! If the winner is unable to fulfil this duty, they have the responsibility to find a new Judge in their stead.

Use the title of the current round in your post title to make it clear that your post is an entry in the competition!

The current round prompt and title will always be at the top of the description and the summary.

If you have a post that is not a competition entry such as a short you wish to workshop, please mark the post OOC to make it easier on the judges!

I will judge the first round. Hope we can keep this going and get some great stories out of it!
Deadline: 7th of June 8 PM, Paris time
Writing Prompt: We have always known squids and octopi were smart, but in the near future, we find out they were far, far smarter than we ever thought...

The first round starts RIGHT NOW! Happy writing!

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