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Ulsek :
A hill fort village nestled in the foothills of the Blacktroll Mountains. The village is built atop two rocky outcroppings, joined by several rickety wooden bridges. The Whiteflow runs quickly beneath these bridged to pour down the rocky slopes towards the a wide inlet leading to the eastern ocean. It is an excellent source of fresh water for the village.

Where the natural protection of the stone does not cover the borders of Ulsek a log wall of sharpened spruce has been raised with an open arch leading down towards the fishing docks below. Several small fishing ships operate from there seeing the people of Ulsek well fed all year round.

Oxen are used as beasts of burden between the village and the surrounding settlements, pulling carts of produce to trade. Hunting and gathering supplements the stock of fish drawn from the ocean below, as well as a few families who have taken to keeping herds of goats and and clutches of mountain hens for food and trade.

The larger western half of the settlement is dominated by a large wooden temple dedicated to Odin, where the grey priests mourn the death of the All Father and speak words of prophecy regarding his return. The Tower of Ravens rises from the western wall of the temple dedicated to Huginn and Muninn the winged servants of Odin.

The eastern side of Ulsek is built around the Ulfsark warriors lodge. These men are members of the once outlawed wolf cult and worship the great beast Fenrir as a god. They favour the hand axe and wear light armour and wolf skins into battle. They follow many of the traditions of the ancient bear cult, but twisted to the honour of the wolf. They shun the use of dogs in their hunting and have banned them from the eastern reach as they call it.

There is an uneasy peace between the Ulfsark and the Grey Priests. The villagers rely on the warriors for protection and they prowess as hunters, however they fear the return of Odin and the wrath of the priests should they turn against the ancient ways.

While mostly occupied by humans there are some dwarves amongst the people of Ulsek. They keep a small mine further up the mountain trail and a smithy on the western side. They refuse to do business with the Ulfsark and for that the warriors take every opportunity to dishonour and discredit them.

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