OOC - Half Way Mark

So we are half way there and just over half of us have posted. For those that have yet to post we look forward to hearing from you over the next week, and for those that have already taken up the challenge, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your writing with the group. There has been some great stuff written so far.

I asked for feedback over the weekend regarding the length of the rounds and the possibility of some kind of half way point activity. Thank you to everyone who got back to me both through OW and over the email. Based on this feedback I will be sticking with a two week round and have decided to leave the format unchanged for the first round with the caveat that writers who have already posted are free to have a second crack at the current theme during week 2.

I will however be launching a bonus challenge half way through the second round, but I will reveal more about that when the time comes. In the mean time keep writing and commenting....

And have a great week!!


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