Story Forge September : The Side Kick

And welcome back. The phone lines are now closed so please do not call or you may still be charged for your time. Before the break we were about to announce our winner for Story Forge September 2019.

Only one lucky contestant will go home tonight with that coveted prize and the right to judge the next round of Story Forge. Before we announce the winner we have a special guest, the winner of last months challenge, yes you guessed it.. me!

When I entered last month I had no idea that I would get all the way to the final one contestant never mind win the whole thing. Even though I was the only one that entered I still could not believe it when my name was chosen. It's a dream come true.

So here we are in the final moments of the competition, both contestants dreaming of that big prize. Quiet now as I open the envelope and reveal that the winner of Story Forge 2019 is....


Sorry GardensTale is was so close, better luck next time. And WinterOak we look forward to hearing what you come up with next for your very own round of Story Forge!!!

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