OOC - Writing Prompt - "What if?"


The classic writing scenario. Take one point in time, pivotal or insignificant, and flip it on its head. What happens? How does history change? What if Kennedy hadn't been assassinated? What if the Nazi's had successfully invaded the mainland UK? What if the Romans won the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest? What if you hadn't had that extra round of toast the day before your big presentation at work and missed the train? What if COVID-19 had never broke out? What if we were still dealing with the Spanish Flu? What if? What if...?

For this writing prompt, pick any point in time and change it. Explain that change, how it occured, and what the effects where. Then, tells us about the world you've made through the eyes of a character living in it in 2020. Show us the beauty or the devastation. The winner will be judged by myself and I'll award the winning player a small emblem they can add to their profile picture (or put in the bin, whatever you want really) as well as an OW award.

Extra points for interesting details and originality. Oh, and good writing, of course!

Happy writing, and I look forward to your submissions. Deadline will be two weeks from now (18th December).

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