OOC - What If Inspiration

5 days in and I thought I would make a post with some inspiration for those of you that might be struggling to think of a good starting point for a What If scenario. The YouTube channel AlternateHistoryHub might be a good source for those looking for some bite sized videos to help with some worldbuilding.

Alternate history stories that I've enjoyed have included Command and Conquer Red Alert, where a post-war Einstein invented time travel and erased Hitler before he rose to power.
There is also the Red Dwarf episode Tikka to Ride, where JFK survives his assassination attempt to disasterous consequences.
Both King Charles III and House of Cards: To Play the King are some of my favourite alternate history stories, both dealing with in some way the future reign of Prince Charles as King.

Although I've never been able to see it or read it, the story of Scotch on the Rocks intrigues me to no end.

The games from Paradox Interactive, Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis in particular, are also great for directly creating an alternate world through taking control of a lord or nation in our world's past.

These are just some that I have enjoyed, so hopefully I can spark a little bit of inspiration for those that are struggling.

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