OOC - What If Winner

What a quick few weeks! Feels as if the time has just flown in without a second to spare! We had two great posts this round, and I really appreciate both of you for taking part! I've decided to give the award to Dj_Panda for their post: To Dust We Shall Return. As I promised a little award foer you to display. It's not much and made by myself so it is a little bit terrible (won't blame you for not wanting to display it!). I'll post it below and send the file to you!

To Dust We Shall Return was a great read and a great bit of world building that was grounded and human. Congratulations Dj_Panda!

I also wanted to make another special mention to LucianNepreen. Although hesitant at the start about writing a story for this prompt, they really made a great job of it! An original and innovative take on the prompt that I thoroughly enjoyed reading! Well done LucianNepreen!

Traditionally, the winner of the round now produces and judges the next prompt. Do you still want to keep this formula? Obviously, it was a bit disappointing that there were only two entrees (although they were great!), so hopefully with this next prompt there will be more entrants!

Thanks again guys!


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