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OOC: I was going for a Stephen King horror vibe, let me know if I managed it :)

Danny Spokes sat in the library reading. It was the summer holidays and his parents had dropped him off for an hour or two while they did some shopping. The Librarian was his mothers friend, she liked him to call her Aunty Linda. He preferred not to. She sat there behind the big desk where people went to check their books in and out and glanced over towards him, offering a warm smile. He did not smile back. Danny much preferred books to people. They spoke to him in a way that he could understand with carefully formed and ordered words, structured into sentences and paragraphs. They gave him knowledge and fired his imagination. The library was a treasure trove for him, even if it did mean spending time with Linda.

“I am just popping to the toilet Danny, will you watch the place?”

Danny looked up but did not answer. There was nobody else in here this morning so there was not much to watch. He shrugged and she took that as an agreement and bustled off toward the entrance where the toilets were. Danny returned to his book, a novel about a dark city beneath a poisoned clouded sky, it was a too grown up for an eleven year old, but his parents seemed to think that all reading was good reading and did not really check which books he took home. He preferred non-fiction, medical books or books about crime, murders were his favourite. He kept a note book under his pillow at home of all the most interesting murders he had read about.

After a few minutes Linda did not return and Danny glanced up towards her desk. For the first time he noticed that the door to the storage room was left ajar and he peered over at the opening. He glanced towards the entrance and then a sudden urge to take a look inside came to his mind. There would be more books in there, old books. He could just take a peek. If Linda came back she might tell him to get out but he wouldn’t be in any real trouble he decided.

With another glance toward the ladies toilet Danny got up and walked over to the door. It was dark inside and Danny could not see a light switch on the outside. He pushed the door open a crack more and reached around to feel for a switch on the inside. At last he found a pull cord and gave it a yank.

The old florescent tubes flickered on inside, making a loud buzzing sound. They were dim and yellow but they offered enough light for Danny to see the room within. The dark shapes of the shelves loomed over him and a stack of tables and chairs had been piled at the far end of the room, surrounded by what looked like boxes filled with old books. The room had a old musty smell and everything was covered in a thick layer of dust. Everything that was, except for the computer.

Danny glanced back into the library and there was still no Linda. He stepped into the room and made his way over to the computer. He read the label IBM PC 5150 on the base unit and ran his hand along the top of the monitor. It was a very old computer that was for sure, there was a slot of disks to be inserted, not CDs, old floppy disks. He knew what they were because his dad had an old PC up the loft that would not work anymore. He wondered if this one worked. There was only one way to find out.

He pressed the large power button on the front of the machine and waited as the fans within began to whir. The lights began to flicker and he turned just in time to see the door slam shut behind him. He took a step towards the door and then the lights went out completely plunging him into darkness. He stood there for a while in the darkness, his heart thumping in his chest and his breath ragged. The only other sound in the room came from the computer and he considered crying out.

There came an electronic beep from behind him and the room was suddenly bathed in a green light. Strange shadows played across the walls and floor and the shelves seemed to loom up and away into an endless darkness above. There came another beep and Danny turned to see the source of the light.

The PC Screen was now active with black writing appearing on a soft green background. He frowned at the screen and took a step back as he read the words,
“Hello Danny.” The curser flickered at the end of the sentence, waiting for him to type some sort of reply. Then more words; "Initiating upgrade."

He looked back towards the door and made a run for it. He tried the handle but it would not budge. The green light from the screen grew brighter and he looked back towards it. The glass on the screen was warping outwards, almost like something was trying to push through. Danny screamed and beat on the door as the image of a face, his face he realised, appeared on the screen. The face continued to push outwards and then an arm. The image that looked like Danny was climbing out of the computer screen.

Mr and Mrs Spokes stood in the Library wringing their hands. Linda sat behind her desk, a patient smile on her face.

“Will this take much longer?” Mr Spokes asked as he glanced down at his watch.

“Did we do the right thing?” Mrs Spokes asked.

Linda gave her a pitying look and glanced back towards the door. She did not answer.
“We found the cat last week.” Mr Spokes said, “He had hidden it behind the shed.”

Mrs Spoke stifled a sob and clutched her stomach, “With the baby coming we were just so worried.”

Mr Spokes placed a hand on her shoulder and closed his eyes.

“Not long now.” Linda soothed. “Ah here he is.” She announced as the door opened and Danny ran out. He was smiling as he flung his arms around her and gave her a warm hug.

“Aunty Linda.” He said and then looking over to his parents he smiled again and almost skipped over to stand between them.

“How do you feel honey?” his mother asked with a worried frown.

“Great yeah, are we going home now?”

“Absolutely,” his father said putting a hand on the boys shoulder, “but first we’ll go get ice-cream.”

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