Hard Mode Enabled

So we are half way through Round 2 and as promised I have invited one of you to contribute to our bonus round. Remember the main theme still continues but now with some added flavour from our very own WB.

Over to you WB :

Hey guys, it's me WB.

I want to say that I am happy to see you all writing your hearts out for the Forge. As well, I am very happy that bears ended up being a major topic for the last theme, had no idea it would happen and I was very happy I got to read a lot about them. Right now I talked to LH, and I will be proudly deciding the subject for the bonus theme. This is something that I am so very excited for, and it is a bit outlandish.

The bonus theme will be;


I know you guys are probably thinking, "oh, I was hoping for an action scene, or a kissing scene, maybe a cliff hanging," but I myself am very different from the norm, and this expresses it. So let me explain it to you.

This can be an introduction, kind of like painting the scene and introducing a character. Or it can be developing the world for the readers to understand. That first chapter that follows a prologue, we never think of it when reading a book. But it's one of the most important parts, tells us if we truly want to give a novel a chance. I chose this because I have been working on a novel called GOE, which I really hope I can share the first rough chapter with you, and get your opinions.

So to conclude, this sub-theme is Chapter One, you can choose your length, and if connected to the main theme, it will be extraordinary. Good luck and have fun.

WB out...
(p.s, check out The Scale, plz)

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