Arthur's Guard

Albion had been at peace for years now under the rule of Arthur, but that did not mean its borders were undefended. In fact, it was largely due to Albion's borders being well defended that Albion was at peace. Arthur owed this defense to a woman of his youth, a druidess, Aisling Foraoise. She'd guarded against many dangers for many years, though without Arthur's knowledge for a majority of that time. Back when the both of them were younger, before Morgause had gone into hiding, she had disappeared from his life. She had foiled Morgause once, and Morgause had retaliated.
The last Arthur had ever seen of Aisling was her bloody form being carried away by Conan, her younger brother. Her older Callum had already fallen, defending the borders of the druid camp from Uther Pendragon. That had been years ago.
Yet Aisling still defended Arthur's kingdom from harm. The druids of her camp had formed a protective ring about all of Albion's borders. She herself guarded the North against the almost yearly invasion attempts of the Saxons in the winter.
But today was a warm day of high summer and beneath the trees the air was almost golden.
The woman sat with her back against the bole of a large oak, a leafy green cloak wrapped about her with the cowl lowered. Her hair was long, a bright red, and draped over her shoulders. Her eyes were half lidded, their hazel irises sparkling in the afternoon sunlight. It was a warm day of high summer and the air was golden. Who would launch an attack on a day like this?
The answer she knew quite well - fae. Unseelie fae, to be precise. The dark faeries were quite clever when it came to attacking. Winter was a time when everyone would be on their guard, but summer was a sleepy season of lazy contentment. Everyone would be relaxed.
Aisling was well aware of this, and she knew the Unseelie were always a possibility. They'd tried to attack twice before, and when that happened she showed them the power of cold iron. She'd heard rumor of a possible attack from Morgana during her last visit to Avalon, and for all her appearance of idleness she was not unprepared.

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