Half Way Challenge!

It is that time again. We are half way through Round three with some nice posts under out belt and we are now going to step it up a notch by introducing a challenge. Remember this is not compulsory and you free to stick to the origonal theme but for those amongst you that like to punish you poor old muses here we go...

This Round the challenge comes from Rosemary :

"Okay, I'm leaving on holiday in a few hours so here is an idea I will leave you with.

Something Funny Happened On the Way to.......

(fill in the blank).


So the challenge is to write a comical occurrence during a journey. It could even be a humorous prologue or epilogue to the primary theme of Guarding the Border. In fact that would specifically be a really interesting challenge.

Rosemary "

So there we have it a comical account of a journey to where ever... possibly to a border you are guarding...my mind is already reeling XD

Good Luck!!

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