OOC - Last chance of escape

When Malloy Mixilpxlt was a baby his mother left him at the S2aving Grace For Lost Souls Orphanage It is in the town of Licart. Although not there anymore, it was a terrible place.
They would beat him and chain him up in the basement because of his appearance. When Malloy was around 10 he couldnt take it anymore and decided to try to find a way out for him and his roomate a dark elf child name with natural talent for magic and was beaten for it named elzar, also abandoned at the orphanage.

They spent weeks observing the sisters who were in charge of thier care. Watching were theu go and writing it down in two small notepads. After lights out they would compare.

After a long wait they were ready. To escape the orphanage from hell. After lights out they slipped out of their room. As they crept down the hall. They heard the sounds of another kid there a half orc child name rogar. Who was relentlessly tormented by the sisters. When she was done she left his room and went back down stairs.

"Hey you want to come with us were getting out of here." Malloy whispers. Yes the still sobbing boy says. "Elzar do that magic thing you do," Malloy says. "Alright here goes nothing." Elzar points at the lock and. Whispers "openicus lockius" then a click. Elzar opens the door and they crept down the stairs. They get about half way down creeeeaaak rogars hits the creaky step. Then Farts Loudly "Dang," Malloy says. "Sorry," Rogar says "that happens when i get nervous or scared." Suddenly down the hall they hear a door open. "Hurry Elzar" Rogar Says openicus lockius The door lock clicks as they get to the door they hear the familiar voice of the head sister named Sister Xarna. A hateful old crone who rellishes in tormenting children. "What do you three little wreches think your doing out of bed," She asks. "Run Elzar says. They all bot for the door and she starts valling for the other sisters. As they reach the door to escape. They get outside.
As they get to the treeline behind the town. They hear the barking of dogs. Rogar swears under his breath as they have now reached the swamp. And the dogs are closing.

All three children begin running through the shallow swamp. When they get about halfway across the can see the torches of the townsfolk who are now looking for them. "We gotta go," Elzar tells the trio. They begin to cross the other half of the swamp. "Wait guys go on without me." Malloy says. Wait why elzar asks . "Im gonna lead them away you two get out of here."
"No Rogar Says We all go together." Hes right Elzar says one of us has to lead them away. They will never gonna stip chasing us"
"Goodbye friends" Malloy says. He begins running west while Rogar and Elzar run south. As soon as they are far enough apart Malloy stops running. "Theres one of them get him." A villager shouts." Hes a monster," a woman shouts. They grab him and bring him back to the Orphanage. So the sister Xarna says, "you really thought you could escape huh," She crows. ,
"Tell me where your friends are."
"I'll never tell you anything you crazy old witch," Malloy tells her.
"I bet two weeks in confinement will loosen your lips. Take him to the basement." She commands two of the other sisters. Rhey take malloy to the basement and chain him to the wall he will be here a while. Afte a couple months Malloy gets a letter. It is from his friends it read


Hello it is your friends. We are safe and have joined a troup of travelling showmen. We wish you could be here with us having adventures and seeing new places. But i will keep writing you. Hopefully you will be able to escape that hell hole. So we have adventures together.

Your Friends
Elzar and Rogar

Malloy was never able to escape again but it wasn't from a lack of trying. As a matter of fact he tried 10 more times but never got very far. He did however recieve alot of letters from his friends who stayed together. And had many adventures. Malloy was trapped in the Orphanage untill he reached adulthood. Then he was released.

The End

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