The New Master

(OOC- This is the first time I will be writing about The Scale outside of its home game. I would like to thank Lucian, Pilot, Red Sword, and Caribou for being a part of this magic-less world. Now let me begin.)

Times have passed, and so has the title of Master. A honored name that is given to the greatest warrior of the era. All the children dreamt of the day that the current Master would choose his apprentice, to take his place. Well, most of the children. Irx was but a little red lizardling, making spear and arrowheads for the soldiers of the town. Selling them for enough coin to feed himself. He never thought he would become a Master, and honestly, he didn't care. He had a good enough life, living in a little lean-to beside the current Shamans hut. Always going to the worship stones each morning to hear the prayers, and assisting his childhood friend Tek-Neshal in his studies for becoming a Shaman. He liked his life how it was, and whenever the Master came into town, he never followed him around, or tried to beg from him, he just watched for a moment, and continued chipping flint into arrowheads.

But a day did arrive when the Master needed an apprentice, and he strode into Drex with a weakened gait. Age was getting the best of the current Master, and being a Gatorman, that meant he would be unable to fight, and protect these lands. For the Gnolls have raided the swamp, and the Dwarves have become agitated by god knows what. Maybe they ran out of mountains to store their gold.

The Master looked upon the children that surrounded him, and judged them one by one. They flexed their muscles, and swung sticks, in hopes of appealing the Master to choose them. None fit the cut for the Master though, the children begged for the oppurtunity, he doesn't want beggars, he wants a pure of heart warrior.

Giving up on the task, the Master walked towards the bridge that exited the city. But noticed a child sitting on the rocks, chipping away at a piece of flint.

"Child, may ask what your name is?" Asked the Master.

"Irx, my name is Irx." Answered the little red lizardling.

"How would you like to be my apprentice?" Continued the Master.

"I would rather not." Replied Irx.

"Other kids dream of taking on such a role. What makes you decline?"

"My life is good, I make arrowheads, and sell them. All I want is to live simply. Thank you for considering me."

The Master stared at him in confusion. No one had ever declined a Master, ever. Everyone wanted to be the next Master, but this lizardling didn't, and that was what impress him. That was what made the Master want this lizardling to be his apprentice. The child had self worth, and lacked an interest in being significant, which can be a good thing.

"Fair enough young lizardling, if you have a change of opinion, come and find me. I know you will."

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