OOC - Tradition and Youth

A young aven rested against a pack orca, silently sharpening his bone axe. This day would have other fledglings in great excitement, but for him, it was almost a death sentence.
"My child, why must you sulk so? You will begin to molt."
The elders approach brought a groan to the younger.
"Do I seriously have to be a part of the Pact Sealing?"
"Yes! All of the Iugak must make the vow, it is our way of life and it is our identity."
Standing quickly, the fledgling startled the orca to its feet, causing some alarm to the others in the group.
The elder calmly walked over to the panicked creature and soothed it with a few warbles.
"Child, in order to be one of the Iugak, you must take the Vow. The peace we hold with the Pact must be held, if it is not, then we suffer the wrath of Silka!"
With this, the old aven turned briskly, leaving the young one to stew in silent rage.
This is idiotic, our people are left defenseless while we are preyed upon by Silka's disciples. I won't do it. I will prove to all of Tundrain that the Iugak are not a joke.

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