OOC - The Ancient's Last Stand Pt.2

The sky above matched Volk's attitude, the clouds swirling constantly giving a sickly ominous mood to the mountain path. Reaching the last camp was quicker than leaving, no enemies had been heard or seen yet, which made him worry about the others. Brushing off this thought as he remembered who guarded them, Lucian and Gage had fought worse than a few Eldrazi demons, he lurched forward as a coughing fit overtook him. Blood covered his bare hand, though this was no surprise now.
Tracks going in all directions were in the camp, many were animalistic in nature, others looked nothing like a foot. As Volk examined a few, he became aware of a beast sniffing near him. Turning to the source, he confronted a lone demon.
In the past, demons cast from the Ashmouth were humanoid in appearance, but with the corruption of the vile cavern,they now took a bestial form. This one was similar to a monstrous hound, thick in muscle and short jaws that would never let go once shut. Vicious teeth were barely held in the maw, ringing the mouth in layers.
The creature took notice of the Earthen at last, taking no hesitation to lunge towards him.
Mustering strength even though it burned his body to do so, Volk quickly smashed the demons skull with a solid blow from his hammer. Another coughing fit congratulated him, giving him slight panic, not wanting to fall before he reached his target.
Lillith gazed into the maw before her, swirling magics from a foreign source pouring out. Raising a hand, she cast a spell. The chaotic energy pulsed vigorously, before a monstrous form crawled from the abyss below. It looked like a normal demon, standing tall and defiant. A moment later, it was thrown to its knees, howling in agony as its form began shifted and tearing.
Tentacles grew from its back, various cracks in its skin forming teeth and tongues. Lillith looked at the finished creature in sadistic glee, A true monster that had no other to share its appearance.
As she welcomed the newest soldier to her army, she became aware of the sounds of fighting coming her way. Turning, she looked nonchalantly as a giant tore his way through her minions.
Volk had picked up his pace after killing the first creature, he was running out of time and needed to reach the Ashmouth soon. As he neared his target, the demons became more and more numerous, tackling him without thought or reason. His battle rage took over as he fought, keeping himself from losing his sanity until he saw Lillith. The pain from his sickness ebbed away as the source of it was channeled towards its true purpose.
It seemed only moments went by before he stood in a clearing, the demons backing away per their masters command.
"You fight with much anger giant. The strength you get from battle must be intoxicating, no?"
Volk gave no answer, silently fuming at the sight of the woman. Lucian had already told Gage and him of Lillith's secret, she was Lucian's sister, long thought dead after she disappeared years before his first planeswalk. She had been a priest of Avacyn, one of the more devout members of the church. As with Lucian however, the death of their family had changed something in her mind, though to a darker distance than Lucians grief. Now the truth was revealed, she had become a worshipper and now enslaver to demons.
Lillith's sultry gaze did not break as she stared against Volks furious glare.
"I wonder how long you have fought your demons, how long they have ravaged your mind and body. I offer a sincere promise to you, join me as my herald, my champion, and you will no longer have to fight against it. The people of this world would sing your name in praise, worship you as their god! Those that would oppose you would fall, beaten down by your righteous fist!"
Volk had begun charging as she finished her monologue, hoping to catch her off guard. This failed, the demons attacking to protect their master. Volk roared in pain as jaws grabbed his limbs, tore at his exposed flesh and scratched at his face.
His hammer glowed a dull red as his anger rose, smashing his enemies as he swung wildly. His other hand grabbed the closest demon, then used it as a weapon to compliment his hammer. The enemies seemed never ending, but his rage fueled his power.
Finally breaking through the main line of demons, he raised his hammer high to smash Lillith into the dirt, who raised a hand calmly and froze him in place.
"Fool. The allure of the "good doer" just never leaves your thick head. You and all of those heroes. I can guarantee that any hero has a dark vice, some secret that goes against what they preach in the light."
Walking up to Volk, Lillith's form began to shift and grow.
"That is why I chose to embrace the truth! The fools of the church were never pious, never devout. They all sought power and wealth, the title of good so that they could chase after their evil fantasies! "
To Volks horror, Lillith was no longer human, giving in to some dark corruption that lay in her soul. She now resembled one of the horrors that she commanded.
"You will die today, but you will die with a new knowledge of true freedom!"
Swinging her now massive arm, she flung Volk through the air, rolling as he landed hard. He struggled to breathe, the wind being knocked out of him and blood once more trying to fill his lungs.
As he gulped in air at last, he felt the rise of anger within him, his own evil begging to be released. This was the moment, he let the Phyrexian oil take control. His own form changed, his darksteel skin forming sinister curves and spikes, his hand growing claws from his fingers and a molten glow forming on his skin.
Standing, a metallic roar echoed its challenge across the clearing. The demons took no heed of the new form, charging in to end their target. These were now killed with ease, the bestial fury of Volk guiding his movements in utter blood lust. As he fought, the glowing chasms on his skin grew wider, giving off its own light in the darkening daylight. Lillith roared in return, her fleshy draconic jaws splitting grotesquely as she ran to end Volk.
Swatting her minions aside, she met Volk head on, only to be blinded as metal claws slashed the right side of her face. Fighting through the injury, she used her lowered position to ram against the Earthens body, barreling through more minions.
Finding purchase in the ground, Volk raised his non-metal hand, the only one able to hold his hammer, and brought it down hard on the grotesque head. The hammer channeled the same fury as is body, glowing and burning at devastating temperatures. As the weapon made contact, flesh was burned and squealed horribly, sending agony through Lillith's mind.
Throwing Volk aside to bring some peace, she saw the hammer had been thrown out of reach from its wielder. Taking her chance, she simply swallowed the weapon, ending its threat as it burned her ever morphing insides.
Volk had gotten up in time to see his weapon eaten, a hammer made by his gods, passed down to him by many chieftains before him. It was his only link to his people.
Enraged like never before, he went to tear the demon open.
Lillith saw the attack easily and prepared, ready to test her new found body further. She dodged the strike easily, then bit down where the metal turned into flesh.
Volk felt the teeth sink into the flesh, though they had not pierced the darksteel. He then felt the sharp tug as the bone snapped and his skin and muscle tore, the darksteel arm being ripped clean off and swallowed by Lillith.
This shocked him out of his battle rage, bringing the fatigue of the fight crashing down on him.
Lillith saw the shock in Volk's eyes and took her moment, sending blow after blow onto his defeated form. Claws tore easily and blood began covering his body.
As a final attack, she bent and hooked him with her horns, flinging him onto his back.
Volk felt nothing but pain, not from his arm or the multitude of wounds that covered him, but from his soul. He wanted peace, to slip away and never have to worry about fighting ever again.
As his eyes closed, a blue flash of light filled his vision, causing him to look around. A large dome of ethereal magic surrounded him, the demonic beasts attacking it to no avail. Six ghostly figures stood within, holding their arms up as they held the shield.
"This is no way for a chief to die, is it son?"

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