Slightly More than Half Time, Half Time Challenge!

Yes it is not Tuesday. Well it came it went and here we are on Wednesday and it is time for the half time challenge. We are slightly more than half way through the round and we have a wee collection of stories under out belt. However, the belly of the beast is not yet full and Story Forge is ever hungry for more fodder for its flames.

So now we come to it, the challenge and WB is back. Over to you WB ~

I am once again honored to be bringing you the next halfway challenge, and I am the first person to submit two. So yay me. This challenge will be different from most other, since the others have been about the type or scene for writing. This will be about who, or what the characters are. And this may be a little revenge for Sauria...

This theme is going to be :


This is basically using animals as the characters. Some examples of this include, Black Beauty. A novel about a horses view on humans. Redwall, using small animals such as mice, rabbits, and rats, to replace humanoids in an medieval world. As well, my first post here, about the Bears quest, is an prime example. So I can't wait to see you all use animals as your character's. Good luck.

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