Berries and Rivers.

(OOC- Mark my words, the bears have returned.)

It had been a day since gray squirrel was killed by the eagle flock. They had swooped in as we marched through the woods, and snagged him from Mooses antlers. At least he brought one of those evil birds down with him in the process.

Now they had left the forest and reached the mountain range. There were signs of the nemesis, and his followers, such as fresh dung, and torn bushes. So they must be close. They were entering the territory of their enemy. Crossing the threshold between home, and not so much like home. They continued.

The rabbit trio tucked a few berries into their mouths as they walked along. The bats all slept peacefully, gripping onto Mooses antlers as the Robin's chirped in melody. Cub hopped around with the rabbits, as they plucked berries. But father was in no mood for joyfulness. He was closer to vengeance than ever before. And the only thing that could keep it from him was, a cliff?

The ledge rose at least 200 meters into a deep river, that seemed to rage towards the nemesis's lair.

"How do we get down? Asked moose.

"I have no..."Began Father, before the ground gave way.

The ledge cracked, and dirt fell, along with moose, father, cub, and the three rabbits. They fell down, down, down, into the raging river. The bats and Robin's managed to evade collision, but the flightless animals had no luck. With a big splash, they landed into the river, and began getting dragged along.

"Help!" Cried cub, but there was no one to help them. They had entered the belly of the beast. And water was a beast with an insatiable appetite.

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