OOC - The Honey Factory

Pooh was ready for his elevenses but being only a quarter past ten he could not help but feel impatient not to mention hungry. By half past ten the waiting had become too much for poor old Pooh and with a sigh of exasperation he plucked the honey jar from its shelf and popped open the lid.

"Oh my." he said in dismay as he peered down into the decidedly empty jar. With a hopeful effort he pressed his nose inside to complete a thorough inspection of the disappointing container.

"Oh my, oh my." his muffled voice came from the Jar interior, "At this rate Elevenses will not be happening until much much later than eleven."

He removed nose with a pop and a sigh, "Oh my, this will not do."

And so began the search...chairs were moved, cupboards were opened, floorboards were lifted but to no avail. There was no honey to be found and to make matters worse the clock told a time of ten forty five.

"This will not do at all." Pooh said as there came a sharp wrap on the door. It was Rabbit and with a brisk hello and no time for a how do you do on the door step Pooh ushered him inside and immediately put him to work

"You see it will soon be eleven," Pooh explained earnestly "and I have been waiting since just after ten. So the honey must be found you see."

"It must?" said Rabbit politely.

"Well," considered Pooh, "If you have some honey, I could come to stay with you, but the walk is long and we may not get there till much past eleven."

"As a matter of fact," said Rabbit quickly, 'I quite agree the honey must be found here and now, no need for long unnecessary walks.'

'Very good." said Pooh cheerfully, heartened by his newfound helper.

For several minutes the search continued as rugs were shifted, drawers opened and shelves rearranged. They were about to give up when Pooh suddenly cried out in surprise.

"Oh my"came his voice from the larder and soon rabbit came shuffling in to see what was the matter.

"Have you found the honey?" asked rabbit hopefully who was growing hungry himself with all this searching and scampering.

"Oh no." Pooh said with his face buried beneath the potato sacks, "Something better."

"Something better than honey?" rabbit wondered out loud.

Pooh emerged with a wide smile on his face and a small yellow and black insect sitting on the end of his nose.

"I have found." said Pooh, "A honey making machine."

Such was the excitement of the find that is was several minutes past eleven when Christoper Robin arrived to find both Pooh and Rabbit quite absorbed in their new venture.

"What is all this?" Christopher asked as he took his seat next to the table where A large glass jar had been set up. Leaning against the jar was a small cardboard sign which read,

"Put huny here plees"

"We are embarking on a business venture." Rabbit explained excitedly.

"A most profitable business." Pooh confirmed with an air of authority.

"What is it?" asked Christopher excitedly.

Pooh gave Christopher his most serious stare, "We are going to make honey."

"Or more to the point he is." Rabbit pointed to the industrious little creature that was currently sitting on the jar lid cleaning its little wings.

Christopher looked long and hard at the little bee and then appraised his two friends with the serious air of a business man.

"If we are going to make honey then we will need flowers." he announced.

"Of course." Pooh agreed then turning to rabbit, "Be a good fellow and fetch us some flowers from your garden will you?"

"What about the flowers in your garden?" asked Rabbit.

"Well they take ever such a long time to grow you know and I do not have too many to begin with and..."

"Oh very well." Rabbit conceded, seeing the inevitable conclusion of the conversation and he was off and out to collect some flowers.

No sooner had he gone than piglet arrived and was recruited into the new business.

"Do we not need more than one bee to make honey?" he asked with an air of mild interest.

"Well ordinarily yes." Pooh said, "but we have decided on this occasions to use only one."

Piglet looked doubtfully up at Pooh and Christopher before shrugging and joining in the fun. Soon rabbit was back with the flowers which were set in a vase next to the bee and the jar.

"What we need to do now." announced Christopher "Is sample to competition."

"The competition?" asked Pooh brightly who liked the sound of this task.

"Yes." Christopher said, "If we are going to make sure our honey is the best honey, we need to make sure that other honey is worse."

And so the four companions went out to visit their friends and at each house they collected a jar of honey, just to sample the competition. From Tigger they brought Clover, from Kanga a jar of rosemary, from Owl a pot of Dandelion and from Eeyore Lavander.

Returning with the competition they settled down around the new Honey Factory and began to sample. They ate the clover on toast, the rosemary on scones, the dandelion they poured on porridge and the Lavander was attacked with spoons alone. At last the work was done and the business partners sat back full and tired from a days hard work.

"Well I must admit." said Pooh licking his lips, "That we have to be much better than good to be better than these."

"It really was quite delicious." agreed rabbit.

"So delicious in fact that we did not notice that our factory has closed down." Piglet said.

"What do you mean?" asked Rabbit.

"He means that the bee has gone." laughed Christopher, "And we are left with a bunch of flowers and a jar."

"Oh my." exclaimed Pooh.

"Should we go after it?" asked Rabbit.

"Oh no," said Pooh, "No I fear than I am quite too full to be tramping around looking for a bee. They really are quite tiny you know."

"But what about the business?" asked Piglet.

"Oh well," said Pooh, "I fear after sampling the competition that we are not entirely up to the task." and with that he gave a loud yawn and sat back in his chair for an afternoon nap.

"Silly old bear." exclaimed Christopher.

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