OOC - The Ancients Last Stand Pt.3

Time froze in the dome, demons mid-attack as they were trying to gain access.
The only figures to move were the chanter's mouths as they spoke their spell, Volk, and his father.
"Father? Does this mean I finally died?"
A chuckle came from the elder Chieftain.
"No child, but damn near. By the Ancestors, you really know how to make a show."
The two laughed, only for Volk to cough violently and spray blood on the ground.
"Time is of the essence I see, Son, you have a choice before you. Embrace your true birthright and give these ugly sods hell!"
Volk was about to ask what this meant, but his vision faded rapidly, sending the world to black. He thought he was dead and in some weird limbo. As he began to accept this fate, a light in the distance caught his eye.
"Young Chieftain, you seek death, but do you know the true consequence of your actions?"
He searched for words to answer the sudden judgement, but could not find any. The light drew closer and began to form into a figure. Volk looked in surprise as a giant bear approached from the void. It appeared to be hewn from stone, rough edges and uneven surfaces riddled its body.
"Child, you seek an ending worthy of your title, but you have sought it for your own end. Your people are in need of you."
This took Volk by surprise.
"That is impossible, I was told I was the last Earthen."
"Yes, the last living, pure blood. An heir has been conceived by you."
Thoughts flashed through Volk's mind.
"What?! I am...a Pa?"
Pain ripped through him at the thought of him selfishly abandoning his son. This threat was restricted to Innistrad, no threat to his child far off in the Multiverse.
"Calm your mind, the threat of the Eldrazi is never restricted. If the Ashmouth is left intact, it could spawn a future issue for all of the Multiverse."
"Wait, wait. Who are you? Why do you know all of this??"
A snort came from the monstrous form.
"We are the very core of the Earthen race, your ancestors spirits made manifest as one being. To this end, we have all knowledge from their lives and even yours as well."
This stunned Volk to silence, not truly able to comprehend the answer.
"You do not have much time, we will grant you the final gift that all Chieftain's are granted at the time of their death."
With this, reality came back to VOlk's vision, his father's spirit looking upon him in worry.
"Glad to see you back boyo. Was not sure what the Ancestors would do to you."
A hiss came from Volk as a sharp pain went through his mind, followed by a feeling of expansion. He felt an energy surge through him that he had never felt before.
"What is this feeling?"
"It is for a final sacrifice, to properly release your spark to be given to the next Chieftain. Are you ready, son?"
His made was already made, he looked his father in the eye and shook his head.
Closing his eyes, the spirit began to lose his form, swirling around Volk until it was absorbed into his chest. This seemed to open a gate, a great ocean of energy that filled him.
Given new strength, he stood, a blue glow covering his stump and stopping the flow of blood. The ancients holding the shield began to lose form as well, quickly swirling in a vortex before being absorbed. A great explosion cleared the surrounding demons and opened a path to Lillith.
"What will it take for you to DIE, you fat oaf!"
The glare the met the demon almost sent lightning onto the battlefield. Literally so, small bolts came from his burning white eyes. Though his arm was gone, he still felt a connection to it, though he needed to retrieve it for the spell to work.
The clouds above began to swirl quickly, thunder blasting the sky. Volk began to run forward, gaining speed to a full charge. Lillith prepared for an attack, conjuring several spells, the Ashmouth's glow almost blinding as its power was drawn upon.
As the Earthen drew close enough to throw a punch, he suddenly dove and tackled Lillith, throwing her off balance as they both tumbled in the gaping maw.
"You idiot, your death means nothing! Your life energy will invigorate the Ashmouth and will spell doom for this world!"
Even as the torrent of chaotic energy roared around them, the cacophony did nothing to drown out his final words.
"Shut up, you ugly wench."
Above, the eye of the storm quickly began to glow, sparks of lightning shooting towards the light.
~The skies, miles away~
A great dragon hovered in the air, watching the clouds as they drew inwards.
What are you doing you giant oaf?
A winged man drew close to him.
"Lucian, any sign of a winner??"
"No, though the skies show signs of a storm."
As they discussed, a blinding flash of light came from Ashmouth, followed by a rumbling crack of thunder that even shook the air.
Both Planeswalkers looked to the source with a look of horror.
~Three weeks later, Ashmouth~
Lucian walked slowly as he climbed down the crater that once marked the infernal maw. No sign of demons had been seen in the area for weeks, giving him a grim hope of his friends sacrifice.
A fog huddled to the bottom of the crater, giving no indication to what lay within. He braved the mist anyway, needing an answer.
Steadily making his way through, the shaman kept his khopesh at the ready. As the ground began to level out, he began to see a faint glow through the fog.
"Oy, lad! About time you come lookin for me!"
A rush of relief came to Lucian and he found himself running to the figure. Coming into view, he stopped abruptly.
"Ah, bet you didn't think you'd see me this way did ya?"
The spirit rose from his seat, adjusting his belt before walking up to the astonished Lucian.
"Keep your mouth open and you'll find a willey in it."
This brought a small laugh to the man, then he shook his head.
"Volk? Why do you remain here? I figured you of all people would want to move on?"
The spirit guffawed at the jest, visibly at ease with his current situation.
"I had unfinished business, I assumed that Gage would be with you, but I guess you'll do. Walk with me?"
Lucian only nodded with a grin on his face. He held an amr out in a random direction.
"Lead the way, oh mighty chief."

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