OOC - Power

The group sat at a round table, each of them silent as they heard the one standing speak.
"For the sake of our kingdoms, we MUST work together the quell these rebellions. What I propose is unheard of I know and I do not mean to imply that old grudges be forgotten, but we must put aside our differences for the sake of survival!"
The men grumbled in doubt, some of the mentioned grudges cut deep in their minds. As the orator took his seat, the doors of the otherwise empty hall flew open, gusts of chilled wind forcing their way into the room.
"What is the meaning of this intrusion!! This is a private meeting!"
The stranger that stalked in only held up a hand, the one to question his arrival simply sitting in response.
"It has been many years since last I walked this land. To return and see walls and halls litter the hills saddens me. All this time to advance and yet here you sit, squabbling amongst yourselves."
An older king, grey stealing his raven-black hair, stood to challenge.
"I have ruled over this land since my boyhood, I personally saw to the making of this hall and many more. You claim to have been here before, yet you do not possess the lilt my folk have. From where do you hail, Stranger?"
The man calmly made his way to the table, his face finally visible from beneath a heavy leather cowl.
"Forgive my cryptic tones, I mean you no harm.In truth, I have walked this world for centuries, both leading progress and watching from the sidelines. You will not find my name in any tomes, any eddas, or sagas. You will not see my face on any statues or paintings. The time has come, however, to lead you all once again to another golden age!"
He moved a chair from on the wall, stepping upon it to position himself atop the table.
"Your forefathers were sworn to secrecy, never to tell of how they conquered the great beasts of the north, carving out their nations. The fire that steeled their hearts, that drove them forth into the unknown."
As he spoke on, what looked like fire rose from his hands, but instead of burning his surroundings, the man seemed to be fueling the men. Each was now standing, chests held high with pride and desire.
"Look at what you have wrought whilst I have been absent! The southern men rob your lands away from you, turn your people against you! WHY then, do I find you so apprehensive in taking the offensive. Show your kingdoms that you fight for them, that you would win them back with tooth and claw!"
A roar filled the halls, the kings filled with vigor they had never known in their lives. Each lifted their arm in unison, a pledge to join the mystery man that stood before them.
"Take to the battlefields men, forge your legacy in war and bring fire to the Southland!"
As the men hurried to heir horses outside, the man remained on the table. A dark miasma formed in the corner, taking form as a grotesque demon.
"You certainly have your tricks, don't you? Shall we begin?"
A nod was the only response, a fierce determination burning in the mans eyes.

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