OOC - The Golden Knight Vs The Devil Dragon Part:1

Occ- This is something I always wanted to write about and to share to people, hope you like it.
The Hero walked through the ash covered road. He looked at the once beautiful city of Atira, now it's nothing more then ash. He looked around and saw the remains of the people of Atira, now undead of ash and flame, Fallen. He kept walking to the large castle of Atira. He looked at it, the once pearl white castle was now blacked by it's fire. At the other side of the castle, to the lands of darkness sat the colossal beast, The Devil Dragon. It's scales were black as night, it's underbelly glowed purple by the Dragon's flames. It's demonic horns and eyes glowed the same color. The knight got to the top of the castle to come face to face with the beast. The Knight put on his Sunshining golden armour . The once darkened sky lit up by his presence. The Beast looked at him with disgust as the Knight pulled out his golden sword, The battle was about to began.

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