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The black raven watched the girl from the darkness. The cold wind ruffled his feathers and he shifted on his perch to move himself from its path. He cocked his head as he watched the creature search behind a large mirror before turning and searching behind another. He had to fight of the urge to crow out loud as she revealed the box. The mistress would be furious.

"Brother?" came a voice to his mind and he turned to see a small white owl come to land on a nearby gutter.

"She has found it." he answered sullenly.

"Should we try to take it?" she asked.

"No." he said at last, "it would risk too much."

"She will not be pleased Corvus." in response Corvus snapped his beak in frustration and launched himself into the cold night sky.

"Come sister mine, we will report back and risk her wrath." Then with a burst of white feathers she was beside him, her golden eyes glistening in the moonlight. They rose high over the Spires, the cities wealthy district, before circling south towards their destination. The Markets and shops of the central plaza passed beneath them and they began a slow descent towards the dwellings beyond. Their mistress would be waiting.

He spied the house of their mistress below. It was all in darkness beside one upper window which had been left open. He dipped his wings to head for that opening and his sister followed. It was sheer luck that saved him as a blur of movement caught the corner of his eye. He curled into a steep dive crying out to his sister, mind to mind.

"Eagle." he warned, even as the sharp claws of a large bird scored his flank and barley missed a killing blow.

His sister screeched with anger and clawed out in turn, catching the eagle on the side of its head as it plunged past. Corvus spread his wings and worked to stop his descent as he saw the form of the eagle do the same just beneath him.

"Nyket go to the mistress, I will lead him away." he ordered his sister.

"It is Aetos, the bastard!" was his sisters only response as she readied her claws for the climbing eagle.

"Nyket go." he ordered again as he worked to intercept the eagle before it could make a clear line for the smaller owl.

"I will not," she answered then plunged towards the eagle with a screech of rage, "You always get all of the fun." she thought to him. Corvus renewed his speed and saw that he was gaining on the climbing eagle.

Moments later all three birds converged in a tangle of feathers and claw. Corvus bit deep into the rump of the eagle, causing to screech painfully and in turn Aetos scraped his claw against Nyket in a wild fury. She cried out in pain and thrust herself away from the melee. Aetos made to follow but Corvus caught his right leg in his beak and clamped down hard. There came sharp snap from the leg and the eagle was suddenly tumbling away in agony.

Nyket swooped sharply down to continue the fight but Corvus brought her to her senses at last.

"Nyket no!" Spreading her wings she slowed her descent as their attacker made his escape below.

"Well that was exciting." she said at last as they resumed their journey towards the open window below.

"That is one word for it." Corvus replied.


Tienna rolled over, the silk sheets falling away from her body as she sat up. Jared was fast asleep next to her. She brushed his hair lightly and smiled. The boy was a comfort. Gently she traced the bruises on his neck and torso, not all of them caused by his encounter with the Satyr. He groaned and shifted in his sleep. A cool breeze from the open window caused her to shiver and she turned without surprise to greet her two visitors.

The two children stood next to the window. They waited silently, seeing that she had company. It would not do for Jared to meet the pair, it would raise questions and that could result in his untimely death. She would rather avoid that, she was growing quite fond of him, though she supposed it was inevitable in the long term. Reaching for her robes she stood and approached the pair as they stood waiting.

They both wore simple street clothes. Bare footed and threadbare they would not look out of place in the Sticktown slums. She corrected that thought, with hair and eyes like theirs they would look out of place anywhere. The girl had thick snow white hair and golden eyes and the lad a jet black mess of with eyes to match that looked like twin pools of darkness. Quite unnerving. She noticed that they were both scratched and bleeding and she motioned them quickly to follow her to one of the side rooms.

Once safely behind closed doors she rounded on them. “Well what happened? Did you find the book?”

The boy shrugged, “We were interrupted, the girl walked in on us while we were searching.”

“Did she see you?” she asked in sudden concern.

“No.” the girl replied, “Corvus heard her coming so we got out of there.”

“She has the book.” Corvus added, “I saw her find the box and…”

“Damn it!” Tienna snapped. She ran her fingers through her hair as the two youths watched her in silence.

“We were attacked on the way back.” The girl said quickly as if keen to change the subject.

“Who?” she asked, noticing once more their torn skin.

“Aetos.” The boy replied, “He almost caught Nyket.”

“He did not!” the white haired girl spat.

“Bloody Cerebos.” Tienna murmured, “Well some sort of retaliation was to be expected.”

“I broke his leg.” Corvus said proudly. They all turned then as they heard footsteps approaching from without.

“Farrell?” came the sleepy voice of Jared, “You in there?”

Tienna ran to the window and flung it open, “Go!” she hissed and the to shared an amused glance before darting towards the opening.

Jared opened the door just in time to see what looked like an owl and a raven bursting outwards into the night air.

“What the hell?” he half yawned at the unexpected sight and Tienna walked over to put an arm around his shoulder.

“Stupid birds.” She laughed, “Got themselves trapped in here, I just opened the window for them.”

He blinked stupidly as he looked back towards the room in confusion, but did not question her explanation. The lad was still half asleep, perhaps she decided she would not kill him just yet.

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