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Summary: The road to redemption is a rough one indeed.

Aiden Brennus

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Gender: Male

Age: 28

Group: The Awakened Heroes

Nationality, Place of Origin, and Race

Aiden is a human who was born in the kingdom of Aelmere. He is from a long line of dynastic rulers of Aelmere.

Physical Appearance and Preferred Attire

Aiden is about 5' 9" tall and has a fairly sturdy and fit build. He has beautiful blonde hair and grayish-blue eyes.

Aiden has gotten used to disguising himself as a wanderer, but he prefers to dress in rich coats and tunics when he can.

Job, Rank, and/or Title(s)

Aiden is a claimant to the throne of Aelmere and would very much like to take the crown for himself. However, the Being has different plans for him, and Aiden's dream is not likely to be seen through any time soon

Personality Quirks, Interests, and Goals

Aiden is a bit of an entitled aristocrat, but he has seen enough hardship to know how to take care of himself. He still expects people to take him seriously, and he is not usually terribly kind to those he views as inferior unless he thinks he can use them.

Deep down, Aiden is capable of caring about people other than himself, and he has a soft spot for animals, especially his gryphon, Beth.

Aiden is very driven to accomplish his goals, whether those be to learn new spells or to claim the throne of Aelmere. He is also quite intelligent. Aiden is a less confident and put together than he claims to be.

Powers, Skills, and Strengths

Aiden is a gifted magic user and a mediocre swordsman. The list of spells he is proficient at using include:
- Casting lighting,
- Using influencing spells, such as paralysis, pacification, and suggestion.
- Creating protective wards,
- Creating sigil traps and markers.
Aiden is also a competent rider of horses and gryphons.

Weaknesses, Flaws, and Limitations

Aiden isn't great at seeing things from other people's perspective, but tends to think that he is. He doesn't really understand other people's emotions or desires, yet he still tries to manipulate people by offering them things or threatening them. Basically, Aiden isn't quite as smart when dealing with people as he thinks he is.

Aiden is only able to cast about ten spells a day before he tires out so much that he can't effectively use his magic anymore. Using a lot of magic also gives him a migraine.


Aidan is the last surviving heir to House Brennus, which used to be the royal family of Aelmere until they were overthrown during the Kingsley Rebellion. His older brothers were slain in battle during the war, and his father was tried and executed for crimes against humanity after he was captured when the capital city of Aelmere fell to the rebel, Derrick Kingsley. His mother died under mysterious circumstances while being held captive as well.

Aiden had always been fascinated by magic and had tutored under some of the finest wizards and sorcerors in the realm. He and one of his tutors had managed to escape capture and they fled toward a neighboring kingdom for safety. Their retreat route had been predictable, and Aidan and his tutor, Jelkis Sinbad, were intercepted by Kingsley's men. Jelkis was captured, but Aiden managed to escape into the Orodrim Wastes.

There, on the verge of death, Aiden, by some twist of fate, met the lich, Ceriden Malkaan, who nursed him back to health and took the young man under his wing. Under Ceriden's tuteledge, Aidan learned how to live off the land along with many dark magic spells.

After several years of apprenticeship under Ceriden, Aiden parted ways with his master in order to pursue his quest for vengeance against the Kingsley's.

Aiden was able to gain the support of much of Aelmere's nobility, who chafed under the increasing centralization of power in Aelmere as a result of the Kingsley's reforms. Many of the lords of the realm saw Aidan, who had a legitimate claim to the throne of Aelmere, as an instrument to be used to return things to the way they had been before the Kingsley Reforms. Aiden gladly took up the mantle and began traveling from castle to castle to garner support for another uprising, one that would put House Brennus back on the Throne of Aelmere.

While traveling across Aelmere, Aiden encountered and managed to tame a gryphon, whom, after discovering that it was female, he named Beth after a girl he had been courting before the Kingsley Rebellion.

Once Aiden acquired the support of enough of Aelmere's nobles, he arranged to have Kingsley's daughter kidnapped, and he then dragged Princess Edlynne and her adopted sister, Luna, to Ceriden's tower. The lich held onto the princesses for Aiden while Aiden returned to Aelmere to prepare a proposal to King Derrick Kingsley, a proposal in which Aiden was going to demand that Derrick abdicate and let Aiden reclaim his birthright bloodlessly...

Writer Goals for Character and Ideal Posting Frequency

I'd like to see Aiden struggle a bit with his relationship with his fellow heroes, but eventually manage to triumph over his intolerance and social inadequacy to become friends with a least some of the other heroes.

I'll try to post for him once or twice a week.

Miscellaneous Player Comments and Moderator Comments

I'm slowly plugging away at his introduction narrative. I'll be interested to see what his chemistry is with the other heroes once he gets rescued.

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