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Summary: The only difference between a noose and a halo is the size of your head.

Zubrette Aldeen

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Gender: Female

Age: 33

Group: The Awakened Heroes

Nationality, Place of Origin, and Race

Frenchwoman from Earth’s early 21st century

Physical Appearance and Preferred Attire

She’s tall and slender (5’11” 135 lbs), but not athletic. She’s agile and dexterous, but no stronger than you’d expect of someone her size. Zubrette is not a physically imposing figure unless you’re intimidated by long limbs and the sanguine strut of someone who knows how to defend themself. The asymmetrical cut to her short hair elongates her face and a prominent jaw gives her a severity matched by her French contralto voice. Her nimble fingers lend themselves as equally towards sleight of hand diversions and pickpocketing as a piano performance and multiple input computer interfaces. She’s not an overly tech-savvy operative and has not normally shown a preference for gadgets, but the ability is there. Some porch climbers have the roaming, shifty eyes of one who’s always looking for danger or a way out, but Vex relies more on a sharpened peripheral vision to keep alert.

If you catch her in civilian clothing she’s making the rare effort to blend in. Otherwise her clothing is tailor-made for fit, function and personal flair. Her uniforms are equal parts skirt, cape & scarf; designed as a single piece of strengthened plastic laminate fabric similar to Cuben Fiber. Each high boot constructed of an odd combination of Kevlar, elastane & carbon fiber load spreaders offer some level of protection to most of her leg and allow for the attachment of small tools and throwing knives. The entire ensemble’s been reinforced with the latest “Spectra” fibers and trimmed with an intricate metallic edging that helps scatter energy attacks and provide a stable mooring for magnetic couplings. All this is to say, her uniform was light and highly durable, but it wasn’t armor.

Job, Rank, and/or Title(s)

Zubrette started life as a thief, but she gave that up when she chose to fight against the xenophobia aimed at mutantkind. She has no title, but goes by a handle: Vex.

Personality Quirks, Interests, and Goals

Despite her ability to control kinetic forces, her scientific understanding of the subject is abysmal. She takes a more philosophical approach to it. If you asked her whether Telekinesis was science or magic, she’d tell you magic. But if you asked her what was magic she’d tell you it’s just another type of science that she doesn’t understand. Thinking about how something is done is often important when teaching the mechanics to others, but she is most certainly not an instructor. (And how does one actually teach another to become telekinetic?) She was clearly capable of performing TK feats already so she simply skipped the understanding part.

Her primary implements of assault are the environmental objects at her disposal, often used as crude projectiles. Her go-to weapon is a telescopic staff, ideal for those occasions when she must refrain from lethal engagement. This upgraded weapon is constructed from grade 9 titanium tubing, detached at the center for two independently operated spring-loaded telescopic Escrima sticks with center locking mechanism. Vex is not particularly gifted at martial arts, being mostly self taught and too stubborn to correct her own poor practices, but she genuinely enjoys hitting stuff. She’s not one to spend excessive time in the planning stages and prefers to jump right into the action phase, content to wing it. Outside of combat she’s plum lazy and has been taking the easy way out since before she could speak. She frequently cheats and completing common tasks with a TK twist comes quite naturally to her. Vex would tell you she’s highly selective on the expenditures of her time and energy, but the truth is she’s just a lazy thief and opportunist at heart.

Powers, Skills, and Strengths

Zubrette possesses the X-Gene on her 23rd Chromosome (think Marvel comic books) and every application of her mutant ability emanates from the creation, manipulation & nullification of kinetic energy. Her powers fall under the classification of Telekinetic Force Manipulation (or TK for short.) Telekinetic forces affect changes in inertia by creating and absorbing kinetic energy which can be applied to matter within and beyond the physical reach of the mutant. Put simply, she can move things with her mind or prevent them from moving.

*Attract & repel nearby objects (comfort zone < 25 lbs, threshold < 400 lbs)
*Deflect & reflect attacks (change trajectory of weapons and projectiles)
*Augment physical damage delivered in her punch, kick & melee weapon
*Rudimentary Force shield generation (momentary defense & platform creation)

Her TK does not often result in brute power so she works towards precision manipulation of a multitude of smaller objects; controlling their location and spatial orientation in three dimensions. Manipulating telekinetic forces on three dimensional axes allows for the equivalent of levitation which is more easily applied to external objects than upon herself. In theory some form of personal flight would be possible, but Vex has never experimented with this. Her powers do a good job of mitigating inertia automatically or subconsciously and she’s thankful not to be running calculations in her mind to determine the forces necessary to accomplish various feats; math is hard and makes her head hurt. She cuts corners whenever possible so instead of dealing with the friction generated between two chunks of solid matter sliding against one another she just creates inertial barriers between them. It’s a safe bet that Vex will choose to ply her trade with the least amount of effort and that means using the smallest items she can find. Her usual tactics rely on evasive maneuvering and sabotaging the field of combat, such as:

*Removing clips and firing pins from guns or activating weapon safeties
*Crimping or pulling grenade pins to render them inoperable or prematurely pernicious
*Obstructing line of site
*Altering trajectory of projectiles
*Provoking collateral damage
*Tying shoelaces together for maximum trippage

When she channels kinetic energy through her limbs she’s able to augment the force delivered in her punches and kicks as well as the force her blocks can withstand. She has some degree of training with stave weapons and Savate (French kickboxing involving hands and feet equally,) but her martial arts skills are hardly impressive. Her form is lazy (she calls it unorthodox) and without the amplified kinetic force she’d be a weak opponent. With it however, she’s able to generate lethal kick force, upwards of 10,000 Newton (it only takes 4000 to break the human femur.) It’s not playing by Hoyle, but it’s affective.

A newly acquired ability involving the creation of momentary force barriers allows her to defend against some energy based weapons whose microscopic particles she’s otherwise unable to manipulate. The brief barrier acts like a personal shield, but it’s not sustainable for long. Of all her tricks, this is the most taxing to her body and stamina. An easier application is platform creation for double jumps and aerial course corrections. These require tight timing as her platforms are incredibly short lived.

Weaknesses, Flaws, and Limitations

She cannot move more than 400 lbs of mass at once nor can she bring 400 lbs of mass to a dead stop instantaneously. As the mass or it’s velocity increases so too does the energy expenditure required to manipulate it’s inertia via telekinetic forces. Deflecting an incoming object’s trajectory by a few inches is easier than stopping it’s motion all together (which is often impossible.) It makes for a chaotic battlefield with ricocheted bullets and matter behaving unpredictably. The ally beside Vex might not appreciate such a flippant approach to dealing with projectiles anymore than does her opponent.

If she’s aware of an object’s location or has a general idea of where it should be she can apply TK forces to it without line of sight. Otherwise, she must put eyes on the prize. Her comfort zone for TK is 10 feet; at 20 feet her precision and lifting abilities are halved and at her maximum range of 30 feet she lacks all finesse and mass manipulation maxes out at 50 lbs. Manipulation of low mass and efforts of ease can be pulled off with focus alone, but anything beyond that requires an accompanying somatic hand gesture. It’s not magic, it’s a precise handling of a form of energy identified by Earth science. If other worlds or people have a different level of understanding it could be confused for something else. If a force of magic in place negates the physical laws of the universe, it’s safe to assume the laws of physics governing kinetic energy would be impacted as well.

Her metabolism is roughly twice that of a baseline female her size and use of her mutant powers require additional caloric intake. Bring on the cake! When food gets scarce she will fill the shortage early and acutely.

Being a thief is generally considered a significant character flaw and even though she’s put this occupation behind her (for the most part) the self-entitled nature of a larcenist still rears its ugly head from time to time. There’s a moral line that she’s careful not to cross, but the applications of her telekinetic powers are far reaching and her mind has touched on numerous ways to utilize it to morbid ends. It would be far less taxing to simply pluck the eyes out of an opponent's skull or collapse their trachea than to dodge or deflect an incoming attack. However, if she wishes to remain a hero and not a villain, certain tactics must remain forbidden.


Zubrette Aldeen’s telekinetic gifts began to show themselves at roughly the same time she started teething and she hasn’t concealed these powers a day of her life. She put them to criminal use from a young age; mostly harmless stuff in the beginning, but it escalated as she grew. No matter how poor and dirty their lives on the streets had been, every kid could find two sticks to bang against each other so that’s what they’d done. And every young punk she ran with knew how to kick and swing their little arms and feet in self defense (or assault.) Her later work with the Escrima and Savate had really just been an extension of the crude fighting she’d done as a child. The street urchins she ran around with as children were growing up as well and began embracing harder crimes. She struggled to avoid the excessive violence that was becoming more prevalent in her circles. She had her own code of ethics and boundaries, but the finer points of property ownership were never among them. Whether it was just a sign of the times or professional jealousy among other thieves, she started to take undue heat and ridicule for the use of her mutant gifts. Those same gifts that were previously valued were now a source of open contention.

She took to the wide world for new opportunities and work, dodging long term legal ramifications along the way. Her line of work encompassed some shady employers and pinned her with some dubious job descriptions, but she managed to avoid out and out murder. She was never master thief material and planning ahead further than her next haul wasn’t really her style. She had skill in abundance, but was relatively devoid of direction or a higher purpose. The stigma surrounding the possession of the mutant gene grew harder to ignore, but she persisted at honing her telekinetic powers. If she’d been an out of the box thinker she probably would have come up with some truly impressive feats, but Vex was never particularly interested in experimenting with new ways to use her gifts. She had her bag of tricks and didn’t much see the need to play outside of that wheelhouse.

There came a day when her mutant powers and chosen profession pickled her in a corner that she could not easily remove herself from. To do so would have required unmatched violence against innocents and agitators alike; something she was not sure she could pull off even if she could bring herself to try. But neither were the agitators content to let her slip into custody, peacefully or otherwise. Even with police forces on the scene and attempting to handle her with care there were plenty in the crowd intent on making an example of her or perhaps they were genuinely perturbed at her in particular. She’s told herself over the intervening years that the only choice was self preservation and that the two options she had to choose between were stacked against her. She’s told herself a lot of things over the years. She’s not proud of what she had to do that day and you’d be hard pressed to get her to disclose the exact nature of those events and how they unfolded, but afterwards she started viewing people and authority figures in a less cordial light and her opinions of them grew progressively worse. She began to mirror the homo sapiens’ (those without the mutated X-Gene) xenophobia and display the same hateful tendencies she’d been hoping to stamp out. She isolated herself for a time and when she finally sought out the company of others it was the relatively peaceful teachings of Charles Xavier that grabbed her attention and steered her toward a less aggressive approach to dealing with the world around her. She still felt the sting of prejudice directed at mutantkind, but she no longer lashed out against the source. Instead she used her skills to aid those who protected the repressed and weak no matter what walk of life they hailed from. It took years for her to embrace this cause completely, but she got there in her own time.

Some mistakes can be overlooked and others can be forgotten given enough time, but Zubrette was not to be so lucky with the deeds of her own past. Xavier made every effort possible to clear her name of wrongdoings and present her atonement over the years as some sort of penance, but the authorities would not let her out of their sights and reminded the populace of her mistakes at every turn. She was never shunned by the X-Men or asked to leave the team, but she knew her presence was making it more difficult for them to carry out their work. They were too kind to point it out or admit to it, but she suspected they all knew it as well. Over that next week she made her decision to leave the team and turn herself in. For once in her life she was not considering an escape plan or point of leverage to use against her captures. When the day came for it she stepped outside the mansion to be met by a multitude of armed police officers, camera crews and TV reporters. She was turning around with her hands behind her back to willingly remand herself into their custody when a blinding pillar of red light ruptured the sky and slammed against the ground, engulfing Zubrette in an intense heat and pain unlike anything she’d experienced before. She looked down to see arcs of electricity streaking across her body and cried out from the agony. The distance between everything seemed to expand and warp and she felt the disturbance in the very atoms of her being. Everything within the beam of light shimmered for a moment before Zubrette dematerialized in a deafening implosion and disappeared completely.

In her next moment of awareness she found herself completely disoriented. She could not say if any time had actually transpired, but she had the impression of a great distance traversed; all the while being dragged along by a sinking mass. Out of the silence a light began to grow until the darkness was pushed back and her vision returned. A bodiless voice spoke and she felt a stirring within her very soul.

“Awaken, child. And behold your destiny.”

Writer Goals for Character and Ideal Posting Frequency

2-3 times per week

I'd like to see this character struggle to go along with team agendas when it clashes with her own. She is on a continuing journey of redemption.

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7/29 added TK limitations to distance and line of sight

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