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Summary: A wealthy socialite not to be trifled with

Kalena Valade

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Gender: Female

Age: 27

Group: Wanderers

Nationality, Place of Origin, and Race

A naturalized citizen of Dalen. Born and raised in East Achaea. Human.

Physical Appearance and Preferred Attire

Kalena has a lovely, exotic face with high cheekbones, mischievous grey-green eyes, and fair, slightly olive skin. Her hair is a dark brunette shade, and worn free, it falls softly about her shoulders in a tumble of curls. She stands at about five feet seven inches (1.7 m) tall, her body lithesome and statuesque; though slender and athletically-toned from regular exercise, she's stronger than she looks, with a good deal of hidden core strength and stamina.

At home she wears beautifully designed and embroidered gowns, or when working with her horses a casual, if high quality blouse and practical breeches. Out and about in the dangerous Dalen countryside she is normally attired in her adventure garb. High-heeled black riding boots with soft soles for stealth, and steel-toes for kicking. Snug purple leggings, a dark short-sleeved leather tunic containing a light layer of chainmail worn over a silk blouse, and an expensive hooded cloak clipped to her shoulders with a broach. A sword belt with a scabbard for her sabre and fighting dagger around her waist, secured with an ornate belt buckle, and a small bandolier of throwing knives completes the ensemble. She usually prefers not to wear rigid armour that impedes her speed and movement, but occasionally will don a custom-designed steel breastplate, along with greaves and vambraces if she expects there might be heavy combat.

Job, Rank, and/or Title(s)

Socialite, adventurer, high lady of Dalen and advisor to Queen Thalia; former assassin and mercenary.

Personality Quirks, Interests, and Goals

Kalena is an elegant, very self-assured, and usually good-humoured woman who moves comfortably among the upper classes, but due to her humble origins is equally at ease among peasants. She is a bit of a study in contradictions that way. She can be very cold and disdainful of her slaves, whipping them when they displease her. At the same time she is loyal and warm to her friends no matter what their social standing. She has little true empathy for others though, and her warped moral sense is a reflection of the unenlightened medieval age in which she lives. Typically she is quite ruthless, as well as daring and fearless as any trained killer would be. In her normal day to day life she is a passionate equestrian, and religious about her martial prowess; she has dedicated much of her time to honing her skills, and is always proud to show them off. Her other pastimes include fine wine, dining, gambling, attending concerts and the theatre, and hunting. With a taste for ostentation, she wears impressive jewellery and expensive, but practical garments. Of late, she has ambitiously set her sights upon becoming a powerful noble in Dalen, which she has made her home since taking early retirement.

Powers, Skills, and Strengths

Kalena is a formidable swordswoman, duellist, hand-to-hand fighter, and athlete. She is a near master with the Makhairan sabre, her preferred weapon of choice. She possesses highly developed hand-eye coordination, balance, agility, and reflexes; her movements tend to be fluidly graceful and precise. As a rigorously trained assassin she is skilled in stealth, reconnaissance, gymnastics, climbing, lockpicking, infiltration, and the various killing arts, including the covert use and manufacture of potent poisons. She is an extremely accurate knife thrower and has considerable skill with a bow. She is an accomplished horse rider, speaks several languages, and has moderate woods skills. Despite certain negative personality traits, she is quite charming, shown to be able to make friends of people from many walks of life.

Weaknesses, Flaws, and Limitations

Kalena is known to make poor decisions due to her pride and her spirited, impulsive nature. She is boastful and prone to exaggeration, such as her supposedly close relationship with the Queen. Her flare for the dramatic and desire to be the centre of attention can be woefully tiresome. There is an underlying harshness about her that can take away from her charm, at times turning her into a termagant. When in pursuit of her quarry she can be overzealous, as when she raided Jocelynn's Inn. She has a reckless and bloodthirsty streak, and her skills tend to make her overconfident, causing her to underestimate her opponents to her peril. As once noted by Baron Kline Lowson, her specialized training (such as her duelling skills) are not terribly applicable to battlefield fighting, and she would therefore make a poor foot soldier. Even though she possesses an instinctive skill at predicting an opponents' moves in a sword fight, she is not particularly good at reading people and judging character. She does however have quite an affinity for horses, as well as a weakness for them; even in a pitched battle with her life at stake she will be highly reluctant to harm those ridden by an enemy. Whilst she occasionally drew her assassination targets to their deaths using her illecebrous looks as a lure, this wasn't something she cared to do any more than necessary (feeling it beneath her dignity) and so she is not especially well-practised at artful seduction.


Other than that she spent a number of years selling her killing skills across the quasi-medieval world of the Two Kingdoms, there is not a whole lot known about Kalena's prior life. It is hinted she was once trained by the same taskmastering 'Old Man' who taught Lafayette Le Renard swordsmanship in his Merovignian homeland, of which Kalena is shown to know a smattering of the language. At some point she was hired by Queen Thalia to kill someone the Queen could not move against openly, and thus began their professional and personal association. On her assignment to kill Tyreth Cartagan's uncle on behalf of the Queen, Kalena claimed to Cordelia that she was an only child who had been raised by her grandfather after her mother died in childbirth. Whether this was a lie is unknown, as Kalena told a mixture of truths and falsehoods during her infiltration of the Cartagan orchard. Earning enough coin to lavishly retire for the rest of her life following her successful assassination of the Timber Crag king (the most significant achievement of her professional career) she acquired a palatial villa in Dalen's royal quarter that formerly belonged to another of her past targets. There she took up residence with a small army of servants and slaves that waited on her every beck and call, and, as a hobby, bred and trained champion horses. Even in luxurious retirement Kalena continued to lead an adventurous life, occasionally hunting outlaws for sport (such as Jack Nahemah) and fighting insurgent elements that sought to overthrow Queen Thalia. In recent days she had allied with Kline and Lafayette to put down a plot against the Dalen throne, even as war loomed with the vengeful Timber Crag Kingdom.

Writer Goals for Character and Ideal Posting Frequency

I don't know yet what I want to do with Kalena in this game. Something really different would be nice. I can usually post twice to several times a week.

Miscellaneous Player Comments and Moderator Comments

I think I will play two characters in this game. Kalena, and someone decidedly more heroic. But I want to see what others come up with first so I can help fill an empty niche.

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