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Summary: I will destroy you!

Rok the Destroyer

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Gender: Male

Age: Young Adult

Group: The Awakened Heroes

Nationality, Place of Origin, and Race

He was born on the planet Boulder. He is a Rorarkian.

Physical Appearance and Preferred Attire

He is around two feet tall and has grey, stone like skin. He has a large nose crest and stubby legs. One of his arms has a laser cannon attached. He wears plates of metal on different parts of his body.

Job, Rank, and/or Title(s)

Bounty Hunter
Second in command of Nrak's two member crew.

Personality Quirks, Interests, and Goals

Energetic and excitable. Likes flashy lights and rock candy. His main goal is to help the good by stopping the bad.

Powers, Skills, and Strengths

Extreme strength and can run for long distances. He can curl up into a ball and roll down hills for quick escapes. He is good with hand to hand combat. He can also use his blaster with precision.

Weaknesses, Flaws, and Limitations

He is clumsy and not as smart as most people. His height poses disadvantages during combat. He likes laying around and snacking on food.


Rok was born into an impoverished family on a crime ridden planet. He grew up around abuse and greed and quickly realized he wanted this to end. So he devoted his life to catching these people and became a bounty hunter. A few years of doing this allowed for him to meet Nrak on another mission and they became teammates and best friends.

Writer Goals for Character and Ideal Posting Frequency

Find a home for Rok with Nrak. The posting frequency will be the same as with Nrak

Miscellaneous Player Comments and Moderator Comments

He and Nrak are inseparable best friends and will always stick together.

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Image of Rok the Destroyer
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