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Summary: Having died once already, I'm not eager to do it again.

Kasmia Dragomira (P)

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Gender: Female

Age: Appears to be in her early 20's

Group: The Draemorthan Union

Nationality, Place of Origin, and Race

She is a Blood Priestess in the Eastern region of Draemorth’s capital province. She was previously from Ceikando, a smaller province far to the north with a desolate landscape of brutal and perpetual winter.

Physical Appearance and Preferred Attire

Some bloodlines unerringly breed aesthetic beauty into each generation even if it’s done through selective pairing and controlled procreation. Kasmia came from such a line, but beauty alone will not stave off death or even give it pause. Kasmia died nearly four-hundred years ago and was only recently raised from the dead, though in her case she had an existing pact with a lesser demonic force prior to death. Any Draemorthan worth their weight in blood understood how such a pact worked. The Draemorthan were required to keep their pact with demons, but no such requirement was placed upon the demon. The demon was free to pick who it wished to work it’s magic through or it could turn it’s back on them all. The demon Kasmia prayed to upon her dying moments had been all but forgotten and was fading into obscurity itself. It would have fragmented and dissolved that day as well had not someone given it an infusion of strength transferred via such a pact. Fortunately for Kasmia she was that someone. Though it could not prevent her death, the demon preserved her body to some small degree, enough at any rate to prevent her body from decaying away completely. But in that act it spent it’s last reserves and it too went dormant, for demons cannot truly die.

Four-hundred years came and went while time slowly ate away at Kasmia’s remains, though they would not utterly succumb to decomposition. The spell that raised her from death was performed flawlessly in what was perhaps the sole instance of an immaculate casting. Her body and face were restored through the workings of powerful blood magic and the demon who provided this magic turned out to be the same demon she’d made a pact with so many centuries prior. This demon, once again known by its proper name as Yeknekhoth had risen to the upper rings of power and chose this time and the servant named Galowyn Alcanzar through which to work it’s masterpiece. A masterpiece perhaps not in raw power, but in exquisite detail and unmitigated transcendence. Yeknekhoth did more than restore Kasmia’s original features; he gave to her a second and eternal youth and bestowed upon her unnatural embellishments of grace, speed and magic. The demon poured into Kasmia his finesse and desire and wrath. He remade her into the semblance of perfection, like a beautiful painting representing something that could never truly exist without his consent and decree. Had this demon chosen her as his vassal of vanity out of some singularly rare sense of loyalty for her having saved his own life centuries before? Or had he simply picked her for immortal life due perhaps to her physical beauty? Or had Galowyn Alcanzar chosen Kasmia and been granted the request with no specific agenda on Yeknekhoth’s part?

However the decision had been arrived at, it was made. Vanity and the arrogance of the elite would henceforth be core elements of Kasmia’s personality. Yeknekhoth likely instilled it there upon granting her second life. She had not been young when she died, but the demon’s magic saw to it she would remain eternally youthful from this point forward.

Kasmia Dragomira has the magically sculpted body of a twenty-two year old female as envisioned by a demonic being and will remain in that condition until forces outside of time act to circumvent the spells and magic that brought her to this state. She is taller now at 6’2” than she was in her first life and matches in height all but the tallest of Draemorthan men. Perfection of design is quite subjective and whether by the variations inherent in Yeknekhoth’s own inclinations or the passing of so many years, Kasmia’s restoration left subtle marks upon her in other ways. Her raven black hair was as dark as ever, but unnaturally incandescent. There was no innocence left on her young face; a hard, cold face devoid of unnecessary expressions. The pale cheeks rose when she smiled and smooth lips parted when she laughed, but there was always the impression that they moved and shifted only so far as she intended them to. There was nothing offered in the between times to suggest a living being hid behind that porcelain mask. Her eyes were a shade of blue not found on the face of any other Draemorthan in history and they were frightening in their intensity, imparting neither mirth nor malice. Their unblinking stare was relentless and captivating. Her rich voice was high and feminine, but carried with it a deep reflection of threat that each to hear it swore had been meant for them alone. Kasmia was beautiful and terrible to look upon. She was neither living or dead.

Job, Rank, and/or Title(s)

While technically she is a Blood Priestess, she’s often referred to as the Queen of Gallows and it’s not always done from a place of respect or inferred sovereignty. Galowyn Alcanzar keeps her close to his side and parades her around as a testament to his power and worthiness. She is treated like something of a magical trophy or biological prototype claimed by both Galowyn Alcanzar and Yeknekhoth. It was their magic, after all, that raised her from the dead. For many years she had no objections to this as she learned pieces of magic well beyond her previous abilities. Of late her feelings on the matter have begun to change as Galowyn Alcanzar continues to share his vile magic with more and more territories.

Personality Quirks, Interests, and Goals

She was clearly no mindless beast and capable of performing magic in her own right. There’s no question the blood magic worked; more completely and with apparent perfection where all previous attempts had resulted in the revenant style zombies such as those unleashed against the 1252nd Legion. This did not keep doubt and some sordid sense of having been sullied from permeating her thoughts when she grew sluggish or failed to keep herself busy. Knowing that she remained dead four centuries and her second life was a gift with strings attached, she wondered how much of her life was actually in her hands and how much was being controlled for her, like those zombies driven to obey and be cut down repeatedly. This recurring doubt stung all the more because of her juxtaposing arrogance; an arrogance that comes from long years and a position of power. She is not intentionally cruel or perverse in her interactions. Most know what is expected of them and when they’ve crossed a line, but the rules that govern Draemorthan conduct can be difficult for outsiders to grasp. Kasmia comes across as a somber, quiet observer, but this could be said for any number of Blood Priestesses.

She has begun to resent Alcanzar for keeping her under such close guard, though he claims it’s for her protection. She does not consider herself to be some frail bird in need of protection and wants to join the fighting to establish the Draemorthan Union’s dominance. She wants Draemorth to return to the way it was 400 years ago when they weren't at war and were all free to practice magic and die in the trying. Instead she is brought out on display at Alcanzar’s whim then locked away like some sort of Muse.

Complying with Yeknekhoth’s capricious nature is no less taxing and often places her at odds with Alcanzar. One moment they both swoon over her and the next are put out that she must contend with the other’s will. It is a perverse triangle of envy and resentment. She knows it must come to a head soon and perhaps then she will be free of one or both of their clutches.

Powers, Skills, and Strengths

When Kasmia has Yeknekhoth’s favor the following powers are available to her, which is to say these are not innate abilities or skills and require her continued good behaviour and compliance in order to receive:

-Accelerated healing to bring her body back to the condition the demon wants it in. Even grievous wounds can be healed in moments.
-Heightened senses and enhanced speed are three times that of an average human making it difficult to inflict melee damage upon her body while increasing her agility and damage avoidance.
-Compulsion: forcing others to comply with her will through the force of will alone. This assumes her will is in line with Yeknekhoth’s.
-Phasing bodily into a swarm of moths with their inherent gift of flight. The mass of the swarm is equivalent to the mass of her 142 pound human body, but each moth weighs less than a tenth of an ounce with 4 inch wingspans so the swarm is comprised of roughly 32,000 moths. While perhaps her most iconic power, it offends her sense of self the most. In that form there is literally nothing left of her physical humanity and she worries that she’ll one day be unable to reform her bipedal body.

When Yeknekhoth is unable or unwilling to grant her his favor, she possesses only these abilities, which is to say they are innate and she has them at all times:

-Immune to all known diseases and the effects of aging, making her immortal by many definitions of the word. There appears to be no limit to the cycle of cell division going on inside of her body and the length of a cell's telomeres, or protective caps on the end of chromosomes don't diminish as they would during typical cell division. Each daughter cell is perfectly copied, but incapable of even minute changes.
-Can force the healing process to engage by consuming blood of humanoids. She does not enjoy this.
-She’s very practiced at moving others toward her ideas and goals, even without the demon fueled power of Compulsion.
-Capable of defending herself against average threats, but she’s not a warrior and never was.

Her preferred weapon is a twisted scythe wrought of darkened metal sized for the length of her arm’s reach and weighted for balance. There are two crooks positioned along the shaft to allow her to swivel and swing the weapon across her arm in sweeping arcs with far reach. The offensive end’s blade is honed razor sharp and often treated in poison.

Weaknesses, Flaws, and Limitations

Her power, youth and life are tied to her covenant with Yeknekhoth and require a steady supply of blood sacrifices to renew the pact. These sacrifices to her patron demon keep him happy and strong and disposed to granting her his favor and magic. Aside from his favor, she does not receive any benefits or gifts directly from the making of such sacrifices. Her demon will accept nothing less than three lives in a sacrifice and considers such an offering to be an insult.

If she is unable to make such a tribute she has the option to imbibe small amounts of blood herself. This heals her body of wounds and recovers stamina, (unlike most biological life she does not possess a natural healing mechanism) but nothing else and she cannot sustain herself indefinitely in this manner. Yeknekhoth knows she despises this act and seems to delight in forcing her to choose one over the other. Her covenant compels her to obey and manifests in a terrible thirst for blood when she’s been neglectful, regardless of her health.

Her covenant with Yeknekhoth has locked her out of every other form of magic and she’s limited to acts of Blood magic alone. Yeknekhoth is a jealous and controlling demon and refuses to share his prizes with any he does not deign to be worthy. To this end he has rendered Kasmia barren and infertile. He takes joy in reminding her of this at the most hurtful moments.


Full version can be read here:

She was a Priestess of the Dragomira Clan tasked with protecting scrolls of prophecy. Local villagers got uppity, grabbed their pitchforks and killed her family. Chased Kasmia out into the frozen mountains with hungry looks on their faces and stirrings in their loins. With her dying breath she made a pact with patron demon, yada yada yada 400 years later she’s raised from the dead and put into the service of the demon in a position of authority with some new powers to boot. Words Words Words, Time for cake!

Writer Goals for Character and Ideal Posting Frequency

1-2 x Weekly

I’d like to use this character to explore some of the as yet unidentified elements of Draemorthan society and the lines they draw regarding life and death, magic and sacrifice.

Miscellaneous Player Comments and Moderator Comments

I’d like to take what’s already been established regarding the DU and add some ideas via the exploration of this character’s creation. Mods can decide which aspects seem like good ones to carry over to the DU as a whole or just leave them specific to and subjective from this particular character’s viewpoint. Ultimately I imagine the DU was previously a much more diverse and well rounded society, but has now resorted to warriors (with their twisted magic) and the civilians who are in constant danger of being used as fuel for that twisted magic. That’s not a sustainable culture in my opinion so perhaps there are internal movers trying to shake that up.

(Nim Comment: I am quite thrilled about what you are hoping to do with this character. I will accept her into the game with one condition, that being that you shall become responsible for posting and updating the Draemorthan Union page).

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