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Summary: A timid Mage from another world bound to Jack

Larissa Hope (P)

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Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: Non-Awakened Heroes

Nationality, Place of Origin, and Race

Kingdom of Abraham
Human Summoner

Physical Appearance and Preferred Attire

Harissa is a petite young girl with long brown wavy hair normally tied in a ponytail. In Abraham, Larissa simply wore a black robe that covered her entire body.

Job, Rank, and/or Title(s)

Human Summoner Kingdom of Abraham

Personality Quirks, Interests, and Goals

Larissa is a timid and shy young girl, often becoming nervous and depressed in most situations. As such, she has a tendency to cause mistakes, resulting in her low self esteem. Nevertheless, Larissa has a strong sense of responsibility and loyalty, choosing to insist that Jack defeated the Demon Overlord despite being her sentenced to death. After meeting Jack, Larissa has become more cheerful and confident in her abilities. Although, she can also be quite jealous and bold whenever he interacts with other girls.

Powers, Skills, and Strengths

As a summoner, Larissa has the ability to summon and control spirits from the spirit world, as well perform other minor magic. She is particularly adept at coordinate calculations, a skill required to summon the spirit at her desired location. Her calculations are so exact that she once accidentally transported herself and Jack directly into the Demon Overlord's dungeon. However, Larissa lacks the ability to fully govern the spirits, resulting in them causing chaos most of the time. Furthermore, she is also capable of performing the royal family ritual to summon a Hero from another world and vice versa.

Ealim Nekram - Renders any person or object invisible.

Healing - Generates a warm light that can heal physical wounds.

Staff - Larissa wields a staff that she utilizes for her summoning magic.

Red Thread - A magical ring made of red threads that can connect people. While holding the Thread, one can make a wish to meet the other person, even across dimensions.

Weaknesses, Flaws, and Limitations

Larissa lacks the ability to fully govern the spirits, resulting in them causing chaos most of the time.

Larissa is a timid and shy young girl, often becoming nervous and depressed in most situations. As such, she has a tendency to cause mistakes, resulting in her low self esteem


Larrissa Hope is a summoner from the Kingdom of Abraham in an alternate world. Due to her mistake in destroying the 7th Demon King Suppression Unit, Larissa summons Jack as the Hero to defeat the Demon Lord.

Larissa was raised in the same village her friend the cook, but was incapable of working in the fields. However, Larissa would eventually become a summoner after a military test revealed that she was highly compatible before joining the Seventh Anti-Demon Overlord Expeditionary Force. Unfortunately, during a skirmish against the demons, she lost control of her magic, resulting in the spirits destroying their camps and forcing them to retreat. Afterwards, Larissa was scheduled to be executed for her mistake but as the only summoner left in the kingdom, she was tasked to summon the hero using the royal family's ritual in exchange for a pardon.

Nervous but determined, Larissa performs the ritual to summon the hero with the king and other important leaders in attendance. Although the course of the ritual seems unpredictable, Larissa successfully summons an adolescent boy much to her jubilation. While the audience is uncertain, Larissa tearfully approaches the boy out of admiration before requesting his name, which he confusingly responds as Jack.

In order to save herself, Larissa summoned Jack to Abraham as the hero to defeat the Demon Overlord. Upon success, Harissa was ecstatic and tearfully embraced him before being assigned as his caretaker. Although Jack initially refused to accept the role as hero, he became determined to rescue Larissa after learning of her fate. Together, the two would defeat the Demon Overlord before resolving Cindy and Iris' situations later. Larissa deeply admires Jack as a hero, but she falls in love with him after he encourages her to be more self-confidant. When he returned to his world, she was greatly saddened but would continue to believe in him even after she was sentenced to execution again. Fortunately, Jack would eventually rescue her once more before the two would travel to his world to defeat Cain. Afterwards, Larissa could no longer return to Abraham which resulted in her happily living in Jack's home. While she acts as a housekeeper, Larissa often clashes with the other girls for his affection.

Writer Goals for Character and Ideal Posting Frequency

To give Jack a hard time

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Cheese and Sprinkles

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