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Summary: American hero from the dawn of the Space Age

Steve Everett

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Gender: Male

Age: 36

Group: The Awakened Heroes

Nationality, Place of Origin, and Race

Steve is a human who was born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Physical Appearance and Preferred Attire

Steve is 6'0 with long arms and broad shoulders—a swimmer's build. He has dark blond hair, blue eyes, and clean-cut, boyish features.

He usually wears airmen fatigues or knit short-sleeve shirts and slacks.

Job, Rank, and/or Title(s)

Steve is a NASA astronaut and engineer, as well as a former Navy fighter pilot with the rank of lieutenant. At present he is Commander of the Apollo 19 mission.

Personality Quirks, Interests, and Goals

Optimistic about America's amazing future and a world that he believes will be steadily improved by ever-leaping advances in technology, Steve possesses the old-fashioned 'can do' and patriotic spirit that one would expect from one of the 1960's class of American astronauts. He is very passionate about the human exploration of space and is wholeheartedly dedicated to that fantastic dream, having spent countless hours training for NASA's mission to the moon and beyond.

He likes to play chess and bridge, which was popular among his fellow astronauts. Growing up in the 1940's and 50's he is fairly innocent in some ways, as commonly discussed issues of today were considered scandalous to openly speak about during that time.

Powers, Skills, and Strengths

Steve is a highly skilled pilot and qualified to fly multiple types of aircraft, from Korean War-era fighter jets and propeller planes to the NASA Command and Lunar space modules in the legendary Apollo program. He has a B.A.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering from the United States Naval Academy. As a former Navy combat pilot he has basic hand-to-hand, firearms, and survival training. As an astronaut he has been trained in everything from space medicine, celestial navigation, astrodynamics, to geology field work intended to be performed on the moon's surface. To qualify for spaceflight he has had to keep himself in a state of peak physical fitness, and is nearly on par with an  Olympic athlete. Mentally he is almost equally as sharp; he is a big believer that to every problem there is a solution, and he is dogged and driven to find it, as out in the far reaches of space a technical solution can well mean all the difference between life and death.

Weaknesses, Flaws, and Limitations

Steve is a man of his time and of his country. Though flexible-minded, he possesses traditional American views on gender roles and other such things that have been ingrained into him over his life. His technical skills are exceptional, but also limited to his time and place. He is for instance an expert in computers, but the type of computers that were fed by primitive data cards and tape reels and mainframes that were so big they filled entire rooms. Aviation hasn't changed so much, though he would still need some catching up to do as far understanding the electronic systems that were later developed, which he'd probably just switch off to fly manually.


Born in 1937 in Cleveland Ohio, Steve was the only child of his mother Ruth, who was of Polish descent, and his father, a Major League baseball player, who was an also avid aviator, having learned to fly in the 1920s. A member of the Boy Scouts during his childhood, Steve achieved Eagle Scout, the organization's highest level. He became interested in flying through his father's enthusiasm and could fly a plane when he was just 12. Steve applied and was accepted to the United States Naval Academy, graduating as an ensign in 1960. He flew F2H-3 Banshee night fighters off an aircraft carrier, and participated in the naval blockade of Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Inspired by President Kennedy's announced goal of landing a man on the moon before the end of the decade, Steve applied to NASA and beat out thousands of other candidates to be selected to become part of the Apollo program. He was backup pilot for Apollo 14 and eventually assigned to command Apollo 19, the eighth mission to the moon, which blasted off on July 29, 1973.

Writer Goals for Character and Ideal Posting Frequency

Compared to wizards and witches and people who can turn into otters, I'm not entirely sure what he brings to the table, but aside from some out of date engineering and pilot skills he might offers a little something different in terms of personality. Hopefully.

Miscellaneous Player Comments and Moderator Comments

Everett is an old variant of Evered, a name derived from the Old English Eoforheard (brave as a wild boar), which is a compounding of the elements eofor (a wild boar) and heard (strong, brave, hearty). Steve is also named for Hugh Everett, the physicist who first proposed the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics, which Steve mentions to the Being.

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