Image of Feir-Gon

Summary: Join my garden.


Gender: Neither

Age: Ancient

Group: Others/Unknown

Nationality, Place of Origin, and Race

A manifestation of death and decay from the world of Vijar.

Physical Appearance and Preferred Attire

Has no form, though will use natural materials to create an avatar.

Job, Rank, and/or Title(s)

Lord of Decay
Keeper of the Truth

Personality Quirks, Interests, and Goals

Only goal is to spread decay, to bring life to an end wherever "he" happens to be.
If you have a powerful life force, "he" wants it to feed his molds,fungi, etc.

Powers, Skills, and Strengths

The air around him is filled with spores that are dangerous when inhaled, sprouting various decomposers within the host.
Can shift avatars at will, repairing the body even while in battle.
Not having a physical form of his own, cannot be killed by physical means.

Weaknesses, Flaws, and Limitations

Strength and durability of avatar all depends on material gathered.
Heavily rotten wood and bones will obviously be very weak compared to when freshly dead.


Once part of five, Feir-Gon reigned over Vijar's swamps and bogs.
A hero imprisoned all five, leaving them to fade into memory, until released by an interplanetary marauder that harnessed their power, releasing them once more.
With Vijar destroyed in the marauder's invasion, these "God's" now roam the planets, seeking new realms to rule.

Writer Goals for Character and Ideal Posting Frequency

A big powerful villain to be defeated.
Posting depends on how that part of the journey

Miscellaneous Player Comments and Moderator Comments

(Nim Comment: When it comes to villains, I would prefer to create them situationally as opposed to creating the villian first, then trying to fit them into the story. That said, I am not going to try to design a mission that revolves around fighting this character, and I'd like you to ask permission before introducing this character into an existing mission, as I can see a character this powerful easily having the ability to derail a narrative in ways that some people might not appreciate.

I don't really know what your plans are for this character, especially considering that you already have a character with similar powers, but I'm just going to go ahead and trust you. I will leave the character "hidden" and you can change the status to "visible" once you write a post with the character.)

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