This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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1. In most cases, writers can write words and actions for ANY character, even somebody else’s character, although when writing for someone else’s character, please don't make any big decisions or make anything drastic happen to them without the owner's permission. Also, please don't write a post from the perspective of someone else's non-NPC character (without their permission, if you have been given permission, ie, joint post, then this is fine), and try your darndest to write EVERY character in a way that they would realistically act.

• Whenever someone creates a new character, that character has a three post grace period (those three posts only include posts written by the character's owner) during which only the creator can write actions and words for the character. This is so that the character's owner can get a feel for and characterize their character the way they want to.

• If someone wants to retain exclusive control of their character, they can put a (P) at the end the character's profile name. This means that other people cannot write any actions, words, thoughts, etcetera, for said character without the owner's permission. There is no need to feel ashamed to do this, and a character's owner can change this status whenever they feel so inclined.

• If someone wants to make a character that they feel should exist, but they don't necessarily want to use the character, they can make the character and put (NPC) at the end of the character's profile name. This character will then be public domain and can be freely used by anybody. Not every single character with a name needs to have a profile created for them, rather profiles really only need to be made for significant recurring characters.

All of that said, using other characters is optional and if you do not feel comfortable doing it, or have any doubts about it then you don't have to. Writing for other members character's is permitted, but it doesn't have to be expected.

Until a writer is confident that they have a feel for how another writer's character would behave in a given situation, they are encouraged to use minimal specific details regarding actions and words that the other person's character does/says. By extension, all writers are encouraged to use internal thoughts and justifications from their character's perspective so that other writers can understand each other's characters.

2. Start all posts with a paragraph detailing the location and time that a post begins and should look something like:

Location – Date – Time of Day

For example : The Crossroads. Morning, June 22nd, Year 2203.

No need to be too specific, but this is a big setting and we want to be able to keep track of people, and yes we are using the standard Gregorian calendar year, although the years themselves may be different in each universe. I get that telling time and place across the multiverse may get complicated, so just try your best.

After the first post in a new narrative, I would like all writers to make this first paragraph a link to the previous post in said narrative. This can be done by highlighting the paragraph, pressing the "link" button, and then copying and pasting the web address of the previous post into dialog box that pops up (which should say "URL" and have a line under that text).

3. When a moderator asks a member to change something, please do what they say.

4. If something about a member's character changes, more is discovered about their character's backstory, the character discovers a new power, the character's personality becomes more fleshed out, and other such things, then the owner is encouraged to update their character's profile accordingly.

5. Members are encouraged to send emails to each other and the moderators about pretty much anything. We're a team here, and that usually works best when the members of the team like each other. Relationships are important, so don't hesitate to communicate. Also, if members have any ideas about where they'd like to see the plot go or anything, don't hesitate to mention it... in an email, ideally.

6. OOC posts should mostly be reserved for in-game things that could be relevant to most of the members in the game. We don't need to create a knee jerk OOC post when one member is prompt-locking a narrative for four days. Send an email first, and if they're still unresponsive, then we can try an OOC post.

7. Please try to be polite to each other in all communications. Disagreements may come up at some point, and in the event of conflict, members are encouraged to share their thoughts, but do so as diplomatically as possible. Hint: If you are ever angry about something, wait 24 hours before sending a reply. It can wait, and taking the time to let your head cool off can save you from posting something you'll regret.

8. Even magic is still somewhat restricted by the basic laws of physics, although how much this is the case is dependent on the nature of the universe that the magic is being used in. Regarding magic, universes can be roughly categorized into six categories, rated 0 to 5, with Category 0 preventing magic while Category 5 empowers magic.

Category 0 - Void Universe: Magic, miracles, supernatural creatures, superpowers, and so on cannot exist in any form in these universes. Undead entering these universes will become dead almost instaneously, and any magical creatures will really struggle if they rely on magic for any of their biological functions. Void Universes are rare.

Category 1 - Mundane Universe: Magic and the supernatural is barely tolerated, although it can exist. Mages will be unable to draw power for their spells from the environment, and any spells that they do cast will be weaker than in most other universes. Most universes with no native magic will be Category 1 universes.

Category 2 - Rare Magic Universe: Magical power can be drawn from the environment, but doing so requires substantial energy and time. Spells cast will have mostly full power, but casting is less efficient than in more magically-tolerant universes. Universes where native magic users or magical creatures are very few and far between are probably Category 2 universes.

Category 3 - Magically Tolerant Universe: Magical power can be drawn from the environment and is usually 100% efficient. There is still a cost for using magic, however, the energy put into a spell always equals the energy released by the spell. Spells cast will have full power. Universes where magic is an important part of the universe but has significant limitations are probably Category 3 Universes.

Category 4 - Magically Empowered Universe: Magical power can be drawn from the environment and is 100% efficient. There is still an energy cost for using magic, but it is usually far less than the energy released by the spell. Universes were magic is very common, rules regarding magic are almost non-existant (or poorly enforced), and most skilled mages can shit all over non-mages (ie: Two Kingdoms and Kingdom Realms) are probably Category 4 Universes.

Category 5 - Free Magic Universe: Limits? What the hell are those? The only limit to magic use is how well people know how to use it (or if they are genetically capable of it). There is no cost to using magic in this universe. Interestingly, there tend to be rather few people or creatures that actually do use magic in many of these universes, but those people or things that do use magic are extremely dangerous.

9. Everyone is expected to write at least one post per week for each narrative that their characters are involved in unless the participants in a particular narrative agree upon a different pacing frequency. If a member or moderator fails to post within ten (10) days of their last post in a narrative (unless otherwise agreed upon), their characters in said narrative are allowed to be turned into NPCs if a moderator believes that such action is needed to move the narrative forward. The owner of a character turned into an NPC can revert said character's status and jump back into the game whenever they get the chance to do so. This obviously does not apply to characters who are only in narratives being written by a single writer.

10. Once characters owned by multiple writers come together for a narrative, a flexible turn order should be established so that everyone involved gets an opportunity to put in their two cents before the narrative moves too far ahead. In general, a writer involved in a narrative should give every other player a window of at least three (3) days to post something before they write a followup post for their involved character(s). If everyone has posted something before those three days, a writer does not need to wait until those three days are up. This does not apply to narratives being written by a single writer.

Character Profile Label Descriptions

Nationality/Place of Origin and Race
- Fairly self explanatory, anything important about where the character hails from and their ethnicity should be mentioned here.

Physical Appearence
- Pretty much the usual, although I'd like it if people could be more specific than "See pic". Pictures don't usually convey a character's height all that well.

Personality Quirks, Interests, and Goals
- A slightly more specific spin on the usual "Personality and Interests" label, this label asks for non-typical habits or mannerisms that a character might have, things that the character is interested in, and goals that the character is working toward.

Powers, Skills, and Strengths
- This should be a fairly comprehensive list of the things the character is good at doing. All magical/super powers should be listed here, as should notable skills and areas where the character is abnormally gifted.

Weaknesses, Flaws, and Limitations
- Areas where the character reliably struggles, destructive personality/physical traits, and the limitations of the character's powers should be listed here.

- A brief-ish summary of details in the character's history that could be relevant to the character's position and behavior in the game should be mentioned here.

Writer Goals for Character and Ideal Posting Frequency
- Things that the writer wants for the character and a brief discription of amount of posts the writer would like to produce for the character in given timeframe (ie, 1-3 posts per week).

Miscellaneous Player Comments and Moderator Comments
- If the player has anything else they'd like to mention about the character, or the moderator has a comment, those go here.


The Awakened Heroes - People brought together by the Being to fight evil.

The Empire of Hont - A multiversal empire ruled by a powerful and malevolent sorceress and her nearly immortal children.

The Imperium of Zakar - An aging multiversal empire with a massive slave economy and military. Of the big 3 empires, Zakar has the most advanced technology.

The Draemorthan Union - A new multiversal empire that is gobbling up Zakarese worlds with powerful armies of revenants, demons, and other black magics.

The Arbiters - A multiversal organization that has a presence in most universes that haven't been conquered by one of the empires. They have sworn to defend their worlds from trans-universal threats, but they are spread so thin that they struggle with this task.

The Syndicate - A multiversal organization that uses their trans-universal abilities to move goods and people to those willing to pay a lot of money for things they shouldn't have.


The Crossroads - The Being's personal dimension where he has easy access to the dimensional gateways to many other universes.


The Hub