OOC - The Awakened Heroes

The Awakened are a motley group of people summoned by an entity who refers to himself as the Being. These people all have a unique property to them that the Being refers to as "soulcharged". The benefits of being soulcharged are not apparent until someone, in this case, the Being, "awakens" a soulcharged person. Becoming Awakened would unlock several abilities within the heroes that they will discover as they progress through the story. One of the immediately apparent abilities allows the Awakened person to understand (and be able to utilize) all spoken and written language in the multiverse. For some people, this may also extend to computer programming languages as well.

The Being will give the heroes a quest to travel across the multiverse and thwart the designs of the other factions and fix the problems of the universes that they come across while keeping an eye out for additional soulcharged individuals to recruit onto the team.

More specific details about being Awakened and Soulcharged can be found here.

The heroes will usually be put into teams of three to six people. If we get a lot of applications for hero characters, additional teams will be formed. Teams will ideally consist of people with a broad array of skills. Valuable skills include:
- Being skilled at close combat
- Being skilled at distance combat
- Being skilled with combat magic
- Being skilled with illusion/manipulation magic
- Being skilled with magic that protects people from weapons and other magic
- Being skilled with computers/tech savvy
- Being mechanically gifted/knowing how to fix stuff
- Being skilled at medicine/healing people
- Being persuasive
- Being a skilled leader
- Being perceptive, observant, and capable of remebering and piecing together information, tldr; detective skills
- Being stealthy
- Being good at sleight-of-hand stuff, like pickpocketing, cheating at cards, etc.

Anyone making a character they would like to have become an Awakened Hero/Heroine is encouraged to come up with a creative way in which their character happened to come into contact with the Being and/or find themselves at the Crossroads (which is the Being's personal dimension). Perhaps the character wandered into the Bermuda Triangle, a teleportation spell went horribly wrong, a "friend" with connections managed to banish the character from their universe, the character faded out of their universe due to a spell, the character came across some bizarre alien technology, the character was looking for God and finally found him, etc.

Also, note that their may be other ways for soulcharged people to become Awakened other than through the power of the Being. These other Awakened would also have the ability to understand and use all languages as well as other abilities.

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