Diseased Playground

-Southern pole of Unknown planet-

Matthew giggled with glee as he remembered Tish-Nek briefing him on his next task.
The Followers wanted him to take a break from the Imperium in order to tackle a larger threat.

"You are being tasked with extinguishing a particular universe. You have no set time, but it is preferred that it is done quickly."

Stunned by the news, Matthew only knelt in his strange salute. "The Followers have given me purpose in this life, I humbly accept this gift that is given to me."

Tish groaned and forced Matthew to his feet. "This is not a simple game, some sort of diseased playground for you to romp around in. You will not waste time on your creations, just get the job DONE."

Matthew kept his cheery attitude despite being ruffed up. "It shall be done, but once again, you cannot rush my children. These are living things, not your war machines."

Always so rigid was his insectoid friend, some days he truly wanted to see what his race were weak against. He had been given a small ship to travel as he needed, filled with basic supplies and his most prized children. A previous survey had shown his first planet to be a heavily forested world, with a menagerie of creatures that survived there.
One such creature was now laying on its side before him, wheezing desperately for its native air. Fascination was taking hold of Matthew as he gazed at the form, its evolution making it suited to the tight jungles. Small, yet muscled to evade predation, it had surprisingly withstood many of his first attempts to infect. This planet would be the perfect breeding hub for his children, hardy lifeforms that tested them and a foreign environment that would force them to strive.

The small creature began seizing, kicking its legs as its eyes rolled back into its petite skull. Matthew had observed it as a detrivore, eating the molds and fungi on this world. Although he held no ill will towards it, he felt it was a sort of irony for it to be the first. A small mushroom began to grow quickly on its skin, a form of puffer that grew on living flesh on its homeworld. This inspired tactic led Matthew to grow a small colony on his back, among other fungi that held a special place in his heart.

Literally for some.

He placed his hand on the furred body as it began hyperventilating and smoothly guided the majority of the spores away from its lungs. Its breathing immediately became deeper, calming it.More mushroom caps began breaking through the skin, a variety of shapes and colors covering the beasts hide.

"Let's go young ones, your host has a busy life to live."

The beast sprang onto its legs, gently sniffing its new accessories and snorting. It then looked at Matthew, who only looked back with a loving smile, then bounded off of the makeshift table to vanish into the undergrowth.

Matthew gazed into the dark shadows, lost in thought. A whole world to be his alone.
What was the phrase?

Diseased playground?

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