OOC - The Kingdom of Dalen (WIP)

"This is Dalen, stuff like this happens all of the time. What was the saying? Out with the inferior, in with the superior? Nothing about this kingdom is pretty, except maybe the Queen, but she isn't even my type." -- Sheriff Raine Lithermoore
Name: The Kingdom of Dalen

Magic Level: Dalen exists in a Category 4 universe

Technology level: Of a mostly medieval period. Other than walking, horses and horse drawn vehicles are the primary form of transportation. Swords, axes, maces, long bows, crossbows, trebuchets, plate and chainmail armour are the staples of warfare, along with magical spells and enchanted weapons. Spinning wheels, blast furnaces, paper mills, glass windows, soap, liquor, alchemical potions, various cloths are plentiful, if somewhat expensive in a heavily casted, pre-industrial society. Food production is the main economic activity and the poorest peasants often starve to death each winter, or succumb to treatable diseases because they can't afford to purchase available medicine or the services of a healing mage.

Significant Ethnic/Cultural Details - Dalen is a harsh feudal society governed by a small ruling class of nobles that have broad authority over a huge lower class of peasants and slaves. Roughly half of Dalen is ruled under their tyrannical fists whilst the other half is largely lawless and plagued by bandits and monsters, which the government doesn't care enough to do anything about because it doesn't affect them. Aside from a few elite learning institutions, there is no organized education system, and most peasants cannot read or write. Queen Thalia, the reigning monarch of Dalen, has in her ruthless benevolence though made the country a welcoming place for all magical creatures, accepting a large number of refugees who mostly fled the genocidal government in neighbouring Verden that severely persecute anyone or anything considered magical. Currently the proportion of humans living in Dalen totals at 86% and 14% elves, dwarves, faerie and other races, many from Verden. 2% of the population are orcs, which mostly congregate in western Dalen. All races by royal decree are considered equal under the law. Only the great disparity in wealth and status divide the Queen's subjects.
Notable Institutions, Organizations, and Factions - The main institution in Dalen is Her Majesty the Queen's Government; all government offices are held by titled nobles, many of whom are corrupt, such as Count Chiren Soldor. Other minor nobles (like Baron Kline Lowson) control small pieces of the country granted to them by the Queen, as well as have some authority over the kingdom's standing army. Rubbing shoulders with the nobles, and exercising nearly as much power, are high class members of the gentry who possess great wealth (like Kalena Valade) or own large tracts of valuable land (like Tyreth Cartagan). The Rising Star are a rebel faction that seeks to overthrow this political hierarchy and replace it with an egalitarian system with a democratic social order; one of their notable commanders is Auriel Nahema. The Emerald Scarves are a powerful criminal street gang that rule the lower district of the capital city and have a parasitic relationship with the corrupt nobles and military commanders. In rural areas such as the Longford forest, various gangs of bandits operate with near impunity.

Notable landmarks: The Queen's palace is the grandest structure in the kingdom and is located in the walled capital city's exclusive royal quarter where people such as Chiren Soldor and Kalena Valade also reside. In the heart of the capital is the The Grand Theatre, Bard's College and the Truffle Pig restaurant. Gularzob's blacksmith shop, Horo Inu's Curios shop, and Orla's rooftop garden home are located in the middle area of the city as well. Separating the capital's midtown with the impoverished lower quarter is the Bone Arch, an arch that was crafted long ago to enter the Lower Quarter by those there, made of animal bones and held together with nails and iron scaffolding. Southeast of the royal capital is the town/city of Radogast, where the Wastrel's Haunt tavern is open for business, as well as the Bloodblitz Coliseum, and the local Sheriff's Office of Raine Lithermoore. There is also a military base and prison in Radogast commanded by the sociopathic Adisla Styliane. In the disputed boundary area between the Two kingdoms of Dalen and Verden stands Jocelynn's Inn, a notorious motel/brothel establishment tucked into the forest off a main travelling road.

Relevant history: Dalen is currently in a near state of war with the Timber Crag Kingdom, though most of the Queen's hapless subjects remain blissfully unaware of the devastating invasion that looms very close on the horizon.


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