Max Power

On Iris's ship in orbit outside present time Earth

Iris began prepping her medical tools for Jack's wound as he sat where she told him to sit.

Jack: Hey Cindy check Larissa and Leah and have them check you for wounds as well. I'm pretty sure Leah got hurt as well.

Leah: Jack? Where are we?

Iris: My ship. Different time and space. Bahamut should not be able to reach us from here.

Larissa: But what if he attacks Lekka's people?

Jack: That is why we are going back. But before that have some questions about Lekka. Iris after first aid can you take a look at Lekka's blood?

Iris: Sure but why?

Cindy: Did you see something Jack?

Jack: I am not sure..........but I could have sworn her blood hurt him. Maybe we can get more answers when she wakes up. How long will it take?

Iris: About an hour in the tank and she should recover.

Larissa: Amazing.

Iris: Yeah, but I've never had to fix wounds this big on my own.

Jack: Well we were lucky we escaped with just these wounds.

Leah: Jack?..............What about?

Jack: We will beat him Leah. I promise we will.

D: (only seen and heard by Jack) Still digging your grave huh?

Jack: I know things look very bad right now, but I will find a way to defeat him.

Jack tried to relax as Iris used her medical devices to fix his back wound and then attend to Leah while Lekka was being repaired in the medical tank. While resting Iris pulled out some snacks for them to eat while they waited for Lekka to recover.

It was amazing how her medical tools were so versatile and amazingly effective. What should have taken decades to fix in a limited manner back on Earth, only took Iris a few hours. However once they were all patched up Jack had a meeting on what to do next. After Lekka had recovered, Iris had a full scan on Lekka's blood.

Iris: Jack you got to see this. Lekka's blood is not normal for a human.

Jack: I had a hunch when it burned Bahamut. It was like acid on his face when it hit him.

Cindy: That might be the case Jack but almost died last time he spelt her blood.

Larissa: Will she be okay?

Iris: Yes she just needs to rest for now.

Leaha: I am sorry.

D: Your harem is getting bigger Jack.

Jack ignored D as he was on the cusp of an idea. Then he looked at looked at Leaha to speak.

Jack: So am I correct that you can use water magic?

Leaha: Of course but its not as strong as before.

Jack: Its okay.

Jack looked at Cindy as he was still working out the bugs of his plan.

Jack: Cindy can you pull up the schematics for a giant powerful water gun?

Cindy: Yes but why?

Larissa: What is a water gun?

Cindy: A toy that shoots water?

Iris: Why would you want a toy?

Leaha: Jack I don't see how a toy will help?

D: You are loosing them Jack.

Jack raised his hands up and stopped them so he could interject.

Jack: I have an idea and it will involve all of you to help.

The females listened to Jack as he told them his off the wall plan to take on Bahamut. They were a bit skeptical at first, but as they began working on the plan it began to look very realistic. Cindy gave Iris the plans to make a large powerful water gun and Iris used her replicators to make a sturdy and light version of the water gun. Then Leaha used her water magic to add power and pressure magically to the water guns to they could shoot hard and far. Meanwhile Iris was healing Lekka while slowly taking large blood samples of her in her N- Storage device. Larissa and Iris then set up the coordinates so they could return to Alternate Earth 7539B.

Once they had their preparations complete and Lekka had recovered, they each took a large water gun full of Lekka's blood and powered by Leaha's magic and prepared to teleport back to fight Bahamut. They were nervous as they triple checked their devices and plans before teleporting.

Alternate Earth 7539B Approximate time 1000 AGS (After the Great Seal)

The team teleported as Bahamut found their past selves. They hid in the shadows till their past selves escaped.

Bahamut: Oh what a delightful smell I've discovered!

Jack and the girls jumped up at the voice of Bahamut. Then they ran as Bahamut launched a barrage of attacks at them hoping one of them would find their mark since they were still invisible thanks to Larissa's magic. After barely escaping the onslaughts of magical blasts they hide in the cavern only to be found again. Iris pulled the Holy Sword from her 4th Dimension pouch and gave it to Jack at his request. Then Bahamut switched to a claw attack and aimed for Jack only to miss him and hit Lekka instead. Lekka screamed as her gut was cut open and her blood splattered on Bahamut's hand and face. Jack saw Bahamut was hurt and flinched so he ran up the rocky ledge and jumped towards Bahamut's fave as he used the Holy Sword to slash Bahamut's face. The slash of the Holy Sword was enhanced by the damage of Lekka's splattered blood, which made it easy for Jack to slash Bahamut's left eye and crack off his left tusk. Bahamut was enraged by his injury as he headed for safety. With Larissa's help on finding the right coordinates, Iris was finally able to lock on to her ship's location and send a signal to teleport them to it.

Bahamut was pissed as he missed his chance to kill them. His scream almost caused a cave in.


As he was screaming in anger Jack gave the signal and Lekka, Leaha, Cindy, Larissa, Iris and Jack jumped out with their Super Soaker 9000 water guns.

Granted they were huge, but they were light due to Iris's light and durable materials combined with Leaha's water magic added to them. D watched as the team shot Bahamut from all around with huge streams of Lekka's blood. Naturally this hurt and angered Bahamut even more as he felt his body on fire from the water jets. After a good ten second blast Bahamut began blasting randomly which made the team take cover. The girls then blasted Bahamut again as Jack Jumped from a huge ledge before Iris teleported him above and behind Bahamut with the holy sword in hand. Bahamut was to distracted to notice Jack behind him or he was just not threatened by the ordinary human as Jack plunged his holy sword through the giant band-aid on its back. Once Jack pierced Bahamut's old wound, the giant elephant monster screamed in pain as he felt a pain he only experienced once. The holy sword kept him from recovering from his prior wound and the fact that it was coated with layers of Lekka's blood caused the poisonous blood to soak into his organs.

Bahamut of course was not going down without a fight as he roared and shots energy blasts all around himself in desperation. He severely underestimated his enemy and was paying dearly for it. He was being poisoned from the inside and outside by the reserves of Lekka's blood that Iris was able through her medical technology. Then Jack shoved the holy sword down to the hilt but it wasn't enough to finish off the elephant monster. So Jack yelled to Iris on his coms.

Jack: Plan B!!

Iris: Got it!!

Iris touched her forearm data pad and teleported her giant all purpose sci-fi syringe to Jack. It was already set to inject Lekka's blood as Jack plunged it into the hole next to the holy sword and injected the toxic blood. Bahamut screamed in agony as the poison blood flooded into his giant body. After Jack gave Iris the signal she teleported the syringe back onto the ship and resumed hosing Bahamut with her super soaker. The girls were aiming for Bahamut's mouth to do more damage since his hide was strong and thick. Out of desperation Bahamut managed to flip Jack off his back so he could try to escape, but Iris just teleported Jack on his back again so he could twist the holy sword deeper into his wound. After one more shove Jack managed to reach Bahamut's heart with the holy sword. The poison caused Bahamut's veins to swell and turn black as they revealed themselves all over his body. The poison had done its job as Bahamut was now living on borrowed time. After a very long ten minutes of Bahamut desperately refusing to die he finally collapsed on all fours before gasping his last breath while cursing Jack.

Jack was exhausted as he gasped for air while the females slowly approached him. As it turned out they were relieved the fight was over since their water guns ran out of blood ammo a minute ago. Iris put the water guns in her N-void device before she teleported Jack and the holy sword to them. As they rested they watched Bahamut's body melt from Lekka's poisoned blood. As it turned out Lekka's blood, much like her people's was made to defeat Bahamut by the gods, however after they vanished Bahamut managed to alter history when he escaped long ago. Lekka thanked Jack and the others for ending their nightmare. D commented on Jack being in danger of getting a new member to the harem.

Lekka: Thanks to you we can now live a normal life outside the cave.

Cindy: So what will you do now?

Lekka: I always wanted to be a farmer.

Larissa: I am sure you will be good at it.

Jack: Well you should tell your people they are free now.

Lekka: I will and thank you Jack.

Lekka looked at Leaha with concern.

Lekka: What will you do now Leaha?

Leaha was sad but relieved as she looked at Jack with hope in her eyes.

Leaha: Jack.........I would like to stay by your side........if possible.

Iris: WHAT???


Larissa: Jack is very popular.

Leaha: Will that be okay?

Jack: (sigh) Come on girls. She lost her home and has no one else to relate to. We at least owe her that much.

Leaha seemed affectionate as she hugged Jack with her large chest which annoyed the competition. Jack of course was trying to be polite since he knew any favoritism would be troublesome at this point. After bidding Lekka goodbye, Jack and his harem prepared to make the jump back to Iris's ship only to land back at the Crossroads.

Jack: Oh come on man we just took on a god-like monster!!! Can't we get a break in?

Jack was looking at the Being who was simply smiling at him.

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