World Eater

The lone soldier looked in despair at his lost civilization. The ruins that surrounded him had been so full of life only days before. Now the empty roads were choked with a thick fog that hung in the air, barely shifting in the almost dead wind. Corpses littered the ground that he walked on, some he knew since his youth, others had only moved recently.
"Why am I not dead? Dear ones above, let me join you and my family!"
His resilience brought him grief, why should he remain unchanged while all others died. Having to watch as fellow soldiers rotted slowly, scales falling off in sheets, tooth and claw dropping without force.
He stopped to see the statue erected in the center of the town. Tek-Neshal, the greatest and most devout shaman of his people.
"Mighty Tek, why have the Dear ones abandoned us? None of the signs foretold of this torture."
"Poor one, your gods, spirits, elements, they can't hear you. I have the answer however, to your survival."
Turning quickly, the reptilian snout snarled at the sight of a hunched man.
"I have allowed you to live thus far scaled one, another experiment that I must say has gone wonderfully."
"What trickery spills from your rotten mouth, warlock?"
The man put a hand to his chest, seeming to be genuinely hurt.
"Warlock?! No no my friend, I am not one of those split tongued, foul fingered, hell lickers!"
He calmed himself before continuing.
"I am a nurturer, a father, and first and foremost, a scholar. Now, we have gone off track. To put it straight, you currently hold every disease bred on this planet, within you."
A beaming smile broke on the mans face, almost mocking the Lizardmans look of fear.
"As you are the last of your kind, the experiment is done. I will take my leave now, more so from my orders than from want. This world is lovely and harbors the perfect humidity for my children."
The soldier tensed himself to charge the man, ready to avenge his people and end the insane "scholar". As he stepped forward, a pain tripped him and sent him to the ground.
"I still have need for you, scaled one. You hold all of my children from this world and you shall carry them still. Come now, we must leave."
Trying to get up, the soldier paid no attention to the arrival of a craft. Even as he was dragged aboard, he struggled against the paralysis that held him.
"You have given me a gift more valuable than anything."

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