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"This place is home. Now, I won't lie, it's filthy, the "government" was mostly corrupt pre-Syndicate, and half of the people here are insane. But I won't run away from this. I'm going to either fix this, or die trying. 'Cause, no matter how grim it looks, no matter how bad it gets - This. Is. Home. -- Genesys


Name: The Hubworld (The Hub)

Magic Level: While The Hub exists in a Category 1 Universe, advanced technology suppresses the effectiveness of magic within the heart of the city. In it's very center, the magic level is comparable to, if not only slightly greater than zero.

Technology Level: The Hub, and it's people, depend heavily on the advanced technology. Flying cars are common above the streets, neon seems to pulse within every lightbulb, and almost every tool or gadget has been advanced to the point of near unrecognition. One innovation, however, stands most notably above the rest. Cybernetic implants, devices or chips that improve certain aspects of a living thing's body, from how fast they can run to how far they can see, are prevalent in the Hub; those without them are rarely seen. These implants are seen as great boons to most people, however, they are still flawed, and tend to have drawbacks, some more than others.


Significant Ethnic/Cultural Details:
The Hub is essentially a settlement on the surface of a planet with no sun. The evolution of humanity had reached such an extent that every rock in space could potentially harbor life, given the right things were introduced to the environment. Plants are unnecessary as machines artificially convert CO2 into Oxygen, no one remembers what a sun looks like, and the edges of the walled city are cold, past that is absolute frost; advanced technology emulates a atmosphere around the city, which traps generated heat. There is never rain or climate change, only lots and lots of hazardous smog, which itself remains trapped in the city and has no choice but to slowly build up. Definatley a vacation worthy spot.

Honestly, the Hub was already a rotten, dirty place even before the arrival of the Syndicate, however there where some straight cops, some honourable and wholesome politicians, those who fought to try and improve their home's condition rather than take what they could and dodge the consequences. Almost no one, however, would be able to stand against the oppression that was to come. The Syndicate, slowly and insidiously, broke the city down and built it back up as thier own. Syndicate "mid-bosses" hold tight grips on every district in the city, and the condition of each district usually reflects the person that runs it. Every single cop, fire fighter, paramedic, and so on was replaced by Syndicate goons, even the janitors are likely capable of taking a man's life, and it was only the small and seemingly insignificant businesses that survived. Even government officials are the ones being played like fiddles while the Syndicate threatens the into submission. The heavily populated areas of the city are relatively safe and under perpetual Syndicate "protection", oppression is more than evident, and if you anger the boss, it'll likely be your last move. Sure, rebellion hasn't come yet, but it's on the way...


Notable Institutions, Organizations, and Factions: The Syndicate are, by far, the most prevalent force on the streets, after all, they own the place. Beyond them, however, are the Routers, a powerful and growing street gang. They dare to challenge the Syndicate for land, and yet thier elusive leader has continued to avoid discovery. The only piece of information the Syndicate has on them is thier code name "Top Route". Nothing else is known beyond that. The Syndicate and the Routers continue to fight for territory. A rebellion brews within the city as well, and at the helm of it is Genesys, a street kid who's grown tired if seeing her people pushed around. Inspired by the long gone heroes within the old police force, Genesys is more than willing to put her life on the line in oder to dispell criminals that plague the streets and get her city back.

Notable landmarks:
The city is split into districts, and a "mid-bosses" governs each district.

The largest district, the "Commerical District" is governed by Andrei Ventura. This is where most shops and stores reside, along with things like theaters, bars and what not. Most people prefer Seoul bars to "Syn bars", however.

Next is the "Residential District", in which resides New Rose Street, a stretch of Router based crime. The Syndicate and the Routers dish it out here daily.

Following this is the "Seoul District", where seemingly Korean influences are widely apparent. Yet another gang lurks within this district, however they are much more obscure compared to thier red-baring counterparts.

Then the is the "Financial District", which is dominated by office buildings, Syndicate controlled news outlets, and inconspicuous hideouts.

After that is the "Hidden District", a that has an entrance like a funnel... pointing in the opposite direction. Almost no one that isn't with the Syndicate has ever been inside. The rebels suspect this district for harboring sensitive Syndicate facilities.

Lastly is the dreaded "Slums District", the mid-boss here is an absolute fruit-case, and with half of the people here starving, freezing, or both here, it's definitely the last place you want to be.

The Dragunova Manor is supposedly where the son of the "dragon lord" himself, Victor Dragunova, resides. No one knows exactly where it it, but Genesys' rebels are working on that. Other Syndicate related places of interest are the Supermax, a high-security containment facility that is believed to exist, and the Grey House, which was formally the city hall, but is now used as a sort of meeting place for "mid-bosses". The location of this particular place is well known, but a direct attack would be comparable to literal suicide.

In the much less lethal category, there are a plethora of shops and stores, those small business which still manage to hang on in spite of twisting change. Among these are the Smoke Shop, a store in the Commercial that seems to sell no more than e-cigs, the Drunken Dragon, a quaint little noodle/liquor bar down in the Seoul District, and Murphy's Chop Shop back in the Commercial District, a place where one can buy quality implants for usually good prices.

Relevant history: Roughly four years ago, the Syndicate appeared out of nowhere and crept into the Hub. They were crafty, they were smart, and they were experienced. They had done this before. On the day of the "Strike", when the Syndicate hit the city hard, no one was prepared. Now the Syndicate have nearly full control over the city, but a large group of Hubbers meet in secret, planning and plotting rebellion. They were quiet before, but the quiet days are long past now. Now, they are ready.

*My ideas of what's to come*

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