To the Library! (References are Gold)

Dalen Agricultural District
Day 1
"If you are to remain with us, sir, may I inquire as to your name?"

"Chi Kobayashi, Nice to meet you." Chi began, but was quickly cut off by Orla continuing her standing on the whole time complications of their mission. Rather than interject and try to shut her down Chi simply stood by and listened as she and Horo started talking back and forth.

"...Your actions effect past present and futures beyond your understanding, and before you chime in with your higher then thou complex, I know more about this then you," he said bluntly.

Chi opened his mouth to reply but shook his head, merely patting Horo on the shoulder with a chuckle and smiled as Horo and Orla seemed to get into an argument that just dragged on the problem. Absently Chi watched as the two groups continued walking off through the wheat fields. He wiggled his fingers at the wheat that was being trampled, reforming them to the good quality wheat they were supposed to be. It wasn't until Orla seemed to quiet down that Chi returned his attention back to the two.

"As for where we should start in our search for Aiden Brennus...?" Her brow creased and she tapped her little chin in thought. "Well, I don't know, really. I've never searched for anyone before. Where would an Aelmerian noble go? And one who is so far removed from his time and place?"

"What about you, dandy man? Where would a follower of the Being go?" Horo asked Chi.

Chi blinked, "Back on topic then? Excellent." He rubbed his hands together and glanced at Horo, deciding to take the dandy man comment as a compliment rather than an insult, "Now then, since I have a very fundamental understanding of this world, as with any world I travel to, I suggest we start at a library. The Being decided it was a good idea to chuck us unprepared into a new world and I'd like to do some background reading. A few history books, a small walk around the city, I'll be set."

He put a hand to his forehead and looked in the direction of the city, squinting a bit as if he was trying to spot something.

"Though, that depends on if you have a library of course." He mumbled and looked at Orla, "You do have a library right?" He asked hopefully, "All worlds should... Sometimes they don't though, which is unfortunate. On the fortunate side of things there are other ways of getting information. Just none that I enjoy. So, a library would be preferable."

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