Currency and Spies huh?

Dalen Agricultural District
Day 1

"Well Mister Kobayashi wants to go to a library and the Maughan Library is our best bet... unless you have a better idea?"

"I have a few books in my shop he can look at," Horo said.

"Oh! You should see it!" Orla said, suddenly turning to Chi, exuberant. "Horo owns a shop of curios, which has all manner of bits and bobs for sale stacked from the floor to the rafters, including lots of books as I seem to remember. But if you're set on going to the library we can certainly do that too. Horo's Curios is on the way."

“That’s actually a great idea.” Chi smiled, “Nice call. Going to a shop would definitely give me valuable information, like currency for example. Speaking of currency, do you guys have any on you so I can see what I need to carry?” Chi asked, patting his pockets to indicate that he had no money on him. A common gesture where he was from but he voiced it in case they didn’t know, “I’ve got nothing on me.”

He wiggled his fingers in his pockets and thought about what Orla and Horo has said while talking about the libraries. Most of the people were illiterate. Noted. Not many libraries, also noted. He made a special note of the fact that the Queen had an unrivaled collection of knowledge. Given the chance Chi would visit there in a heartbeat. But for now a college library would have to do. He’d have to be careful though, the man Orla knew sounded like someone he needed to avoid. Just his luck.

“As for this Randel person, you mentioned spies. Do you want me to keep an eye out for them or should I just ignore them? Because while I don’t like being spied on doing anything for it might cause a problem.”

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