~Somewhere in space. Followers of Chaos ship~
Tish-Nek wandered the corridors of his ship, taking note of its condition as he went.
No others shared the ship with him, except for the machines that repaired it as they traveled through space. No others of his kind would rationally join him.
Entering Sect. B, Nearing destination.
Nodding in silent acknowledgment, he made his way to the cockpit. The space was once rather spacious, ready to be commanded by an experienced group of pilots. Now it was filled with containers of multiple sizes, each a living space for a different creature.
Snails, slugs, beatles and other minute life forms found a home on the ship, cared for by Tish-Nek as if they were his own spawnlings.
"Del-Troth, make contact with Matthew."
Naming the ship was not necessary, but it made the distance from home easier.
"Matthew, I need progress, you say you have a breakthrough to help in your assignment?"
The poxed face of Rani appeared on the contact screen.
"I thought I did, the Saurian race are very resilient and I believed them to be perfect hosts for my young ones. Sadly, something has gone wrong and both the specimen and my children within him have perished."
His antenna vibrating with news from a close relay ship, Tish rubbed his head in irritation.
"We need solid results if you are to be allowed these distractions Matthew."
This time it was Matthew that was irritated.
"I will proceed with my experiments as I please. I only take your orders because I feel that I owe the Followers for giving me purpose. If you feel the need to rush my work, you can join me in person."
The face vanished as the connection was broken. Looking at another screen, Tish did take note that Matthew was making good time through this galaxy, bringing respect and fear into the back of his mind. The man was still a lunatic that talked to spores.
"The man needs to be put down for his own sake, wouldn't you agree?"
The cricket he spoke to began cleaning its antenna.

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