To End the Nuisance

Andrew was silent as his superios raged at him, silent shame buried beneath his stern face.
"You have proven worthless against one man in a simple transport ship! Hundreds of world's under YOUR control have been attacked and yet you have shown no evidence to show that you are controlling it."
At the appropriate pause, he stepped forth to speak.
"My Lords, there has been actions put in motion to address the threat, I assure you. Your concerns are not misplaced however, information gathered tells us that this man is more powerful than we thought at first."
His main superior, a being that dominated the room, stepped forward. His glare made the others with him back away in respectful reverence. Andrew stood his ground as the man walked up to him, so close he could feel his breath as he gave a low threat.
"Fix this, Salivan, or you will be the next informant sent to this "threat"."
Giving a respective bow, Andrew withdrew from the room to return to Rhan.
Giving orders to his crew, he sat in his chair and brooded.
"When I find this man, he will feel my rage and wish he was never born."

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