OOC - Notices Regarding EoC Redux and the Status of EoC

If you aren't aware by now, we are in the process of rebooting this game. Kind of. I have decided that I want to continue the concept of this game in a new location/game that I will probably title Engines of Chaos Redux/Redone/Re/Big Onion Edition. We (mostly I) will be copying the relevant information from this game into that one. Once that is done I will still plan on leaving this particular edition of EoC (the I'm writing in now) open for a month or so in case there is any material anyone wants to extract from it. For people like Jaxx and Lucien Nepreen who were writing narratives that did not really involve anyone else's characters, you guys can still choose to continue those narratives if you wish. Heck, any of you guys can write whatever you want at this point as long as it isn't inappropriate, trollish, or spammy.

I emailed all of you (except Moon-eye, sorry, if you want this email, I'll be happy to forward it to you) an email laying out some things about my motivations for this and what I think the new version of EoC will look like. I also asked some questions that I would like you guys to answer as soon as you get the chance (as of me writing this, I am still waiting for a response from DaMasterT and TheHeroUp). Soon I will be following this up with an email about potential characters we can use as Awakened Protagonists, and after that discussion, I will try to put up a pitch on the OWCP letting the Platformers know what kind of holes we need filled in our teams. So stay tuned to your emails chaps, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me or ask the question in the comments section of this post.

Also, ConnorCandy is going to be my sole co-mod for the start of the new edition of EoC. I'm not planning on working with a huge number of members this next go-round, so I don't think I will need a big cast of mods to run the game. If that changes, I will address it then.

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