OOC - The Empire of Hont

History - The Hontian Empire rose to power in the doomed universe of Aran. Led by the immortal sorceress Adora Coulter, Hont conquered all of Aran shortly before Aran was destroyed. Utilizing the power of a multi-dimensional portal called the Dark Star, Adora was able to evacuate most of her forces into another universe, which she then proceeded to conquer as well.

Significant Ideologies - Hont is a matriarchal society in which woman generally have much more power than men, whom are usually consigned to grunt work. The only exception to this are the Coulter Princes, who still usually have less power than than their female counterparts but are otherwise able to achieve notable positions within Hont's military and governing administration.


Significant Institutions - The Hontian Army is divided into three different, independently governed organizations (although they all still answer to Empress Adora Coulter), each with different command structures. The White Army, led by Grand Marshal Saetia Coulter, makes up the bulk of Hont's military forces and uses mostly coventional units. The Black Army, led by Field Marshal Viola Coulter, is an elite strike force bristling with war mages and mind-control mages. The Gray Army is Adora's personal protection force, and is led by Commander Lukas Coulter.

Hont has an extensive spy network that is active in all places that Hont intends to conquer. Hont's spies scout out territories and sow discord amoung the targeted peoples well before armed forces arrive to take over. Hont's Department of Intelligence is led by Director Maria Coulter.

Significant Characters - Adora Coulter has had thousands of children throughout he multi-millennia of existence. These children are put through an education program almost from the moment of their birth to prepare them for service to Adora's empire. Most of them never meet their parents, at least until they they achieve a notable rank within the empire. Competition among the Coulter Princesses and Princes is expected, and the conflicts often become deadly as assassins get employed to facilitate someone's attempted rise to the near top (however, everyone knows that even thinking about taking out Adora is a death sentence). The Coulter Princes and Princesses are born with a blood curse that makes them infertile.

Significant characters include the almighty Empress herself, Adora Coulter, her various military branch leaders, Saetia, Viola, and Lukas Coulter, and her Intelligence Director, Maria Coulter.

Major Technologies and Magics - Hont used 16th century western military technology and strategy supported by potent war-magic and mind control magic to conquer Aran. Since then, they have struggled to adapt technologically and organizationally in order to compete on a multiversal scale. They have managed to get their industry to a point where they can produce interwar period weaponry but struggle to apply it strategically. However, Hont still has extremely gifted and dangerous magic users, if a rather limited supply of them.

Hont uses Dark Star Portals to travel between universes. Empress Adora derives most of her power from the Dark Star, and she is able to open portals to additional universes.

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