OOC - The Arbiters

History: The origins of the Arbiters remain lost in the deep eons of unrecorded history, but according to information scavenged from the Arbiter vessel captured by the Zakar Imperium, the Arbiters have been around for a very long time and possibly arose in the very first universe to ever exist.

Significant Ideologies: After grasping the fundamental relationship between universes and the way quantum fluctuations create new universes, the Arbiters took on a custodianship of the multiverse to maintain its balance and prevent it from collapsing and ending all existence. As other less noble factions have achieved the means of interdimensional travel, the Arbiters have struggled to police the multiverse and mitigate the damage caused by these ever increasing incursions.

Significant Institutions: The Arbiters have a homeworld where their administration is based out of, but due to the immense scale of the multiverse most Arbiters operate individually, covertly monitoring the realm they have been assigned to and when necessary, organizing the locals inhabitants behind-the-scenes to combat inter-dimensional threats. If the natives are found lacking, this Arbiter 'Governor' can reach out to central command and request direct involvement; if is warranted, the Enforcers are despatched. The Enforcers are the most powerful military force known in the multiverse. Due to being stretched thin across the many universes however, the Enforcers are usually deployed only for important purposes, such as the defence of worlds seen as critical to the structural stability of the multiverse.

Significant Characters: The vast majority of the Arbiters' identities are currently unknown. The suspected identities of a few Arbiter Governors include Aello Nahema from the Two Kingdoms world, and Cain on the world designated as Maelstrom.

Major Technology and Magics: The Arbiters are a billions of year old civilization and represent the pinnacle of technological achievement. Their capabilities cannot be readily described except to say they are almost limitless. Zakarese military records report that when one of their expeditionary Legions engaged a small handful of Arbiter Enforcers in battle, it was annihilated in minutes due to the Arbiters' vastly superior weaponry and other equipment (such as personal teleportation devices) that provided the Enforcers with an overwhelming tactical advantage. The Arbiters are best known for their inter-dimensional ships that are saucer and cigar-shaped craft that have been sighted in the skies of many alternate Earths.

Additional Comments: The Awakened Heroes will be hard-pressed to defend themselves against the Arbiters, whose advanced technology is so advanced that it is hardly distinguishable from powerful magic. Though the Heroes appear to share the same goal as the Arbiters (to protect the well-being of the multiverse) the Arbiters will see the Heroes no differently than the other Factions, and seek to eliminate them with extreme prejudice.

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