Silent Whispers

<Unknown Imperium Colonized Planet>
A silent orb drifted through space, close enough to a nearby star to heat it, but far enough to protect it from devastation. Although it bore the marks of continents and oceans, a sickly green infected the waters while the land bore no signs of healthy greenery. Tish-Nek looked upon this with great disgust, he did not relish visiting the being that lived here.
The ship landed roughly near the ruins of a city, towers reaching towards the sky as if in an attempt to get above the perpetual mist of mold and fungus spores. This was the last known coordinates of Matthew Rani and Tish wanted to find him fast. Bending heavily muscled legs, a quiet click let him know he was ready. Releasing massive amounts of energy from his legs, he was thrusted into the air, letting him cover the distance to the city.
Matthew watched the ship land with a calm look, he had been waiting for someone to be sent. Seeing the Nepreen leap into the city, he flagged him down.
"Greetings, I have been expecting word from the Followers."
Tish-Nek looked at the man, barely willing to make eye contact.
"Do any still live on this world?"
"No, the last one died several days ago. It was beautiful really, the natives had been given a vaccine for a virus I had used previously, not expecting several new strains to appear simultaneously."
Even for someone like him, Tish found the hunched man very unnerving. He reeked of pus and decay, yet was still living well after all this time.
"My masters have found a planet they believe to be a target for the Imperium. I will transport you there."
Matthews face showed a mix of joy and sadness.
"Can we wait just a bit longer, I must collect some of my pets before I leave the others to their own devices."
Watching him disappear into the shadows, Tish took in the sight. All around him were blankets of molds, fungus clustered here and there. He suspected the air was toxic for anyone not immune. Kneeling as he waited, he spied several snails that were apparently thriving.
"Hello little ones," Reaching a clawed hand forward, he gently picked one up,"glad to see he hasn't been able to kill you off."
Matthew returned, still empty handed, but Tish knew enough not to question.
"All ready to go now, though I will be sure to come back soon. To many good strains to carry all at once."

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