--Unknown Planet, Unknown Point in Time--

Tish had left Matthew over a month ago. The time had been peaceful for him, he loved working privately. Making it better was this world's extensive catacombs, one of many that he had been to.

Walking through his makeshift living space, he took time to gently tend to various containers and spaces.

The still humid air made a perfect home for molds and fungi, as attested by the thick cloud of spores that filled the air. Around his feet crawled rats and insects, looking normal but I fact, we're hosts to a multitude of diseases.
Breathing deep, a smile spread on Matthews cracked lips.

"Coming along beautifully my sweets! Soon you can go outside and make all sorts of new friends."

He was then interrupted by a shrill cry, a rat was twitching on it's side, it's feet grabbing at the air.

"No! No no no!!"

He ran over and gently scooped up the creature, cradling it as he placed it in a low brazier, it's fire extinguisher long ago.

He closed his eyes and layed a hand over it's body. Feeling the minute life within the dying form, he began guiding the growing colony out.

He felt the virus leave just as the rat stopped it's spasms. "Thank goodness! If you were to be trapped amongst those dead cells, I would be beside myself."
Holding the disease in his hand, he took a knife and drew a cut into his arm, placing the virus into the wound.

"There now, you can further grow within me."
A device on his table begun to beep, drawing Matthews attention away from his recent procedure.

A hologram appeared, Tish speaking before it fully appeared.
"Plague monk, it is time for you to act."

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