Bottom of the ladder

-Southern pole of Unknown planet.-

Thrandas 12, 2096
Half-cycle of the moon.
To those who will find this research laboratory, it is too late. You are now infected with innumerable diseases and will only infest the rest of our people if you try to escape.
Two weeks... First symptom was a mild rash on half of the staff, which we concluded was fungal in origin. Further tests proved that simple counter measures were effective.
Then coughing started, followed quickly by lethargy. I was one of the few not showing symptoms and was able to quickly treat these new issues. Heavy mold infection in the lungs, while several varieties of virus and bacteria were found in the blood stream. Quarantine was placed permanently in order to keep uninfected safe. Fever and chills begun and several patients became comatose.

Skin growths appearred that were tested as being fungal growths. Staff reported sightings of vermin not indeginous to this climate, or continent for that matter.
This point in downfall was the last time we felt in control.

Matthew continued thumbing through the decayed journal, taking note of how his pets had performed on their first outing. Throwing the book onto the rotting corpse of it's owner, feeling anger towards him as his cause of death had been the bullet he had put through his skull.

"My beauties, it seems you caused quite the stir here. I will allow this for the outposts on this continent, but after, you will show restraint."
He strolled through the corridors, mold coating the surfaces, mixed with various species of native and foreign fungi. Although the ventilation still worked in the complex, a thick fog already filled the air.

Another flash of light from his holo-pager once more took his thoughts away, Tish-Nek calling his name.

"Calm yourself my friend, my children's growth cannot be rushed!"
A sound came over that sounded like static, but Matthew knew it to be the irritated chitter of a Nepreen.

"Although this planet is of use to us, we have better places for you to be."
The face disappeared as contact was cut off.

Looking once more at the infected hall, Matthew calmly walked towards the exit, the cloud of spores seemingly following him out the door.

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