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Summary: You talking to me Punk!

Lt. Joe Cassidy(NPC)

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Gender: Male

Age: 48

Group: Justice PD


Italian American with some irish blood as well


Oversees the gang task force of the PD.


Lt. in the PD

Physical Appearance

The man with the stern face and haunting glare. He is six foot and weighs 220.

Personality and interests

He is a mix bag of emotions depending on the situation. He isn't a man to be messed with and will do whatever it takes to get answers.


Joe did time after being caught doing some corrupt things in the department. He was released with a deal to head up the gang task force. The Captain knows the man can get results where no one else can. Joe agreed on one condition. No one questions his methods. He has had an affair with Bev in the past and still keeps a soft spot in his heart for her. Now he has eyes on Det. Munroe.

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